Easy Hand-Painted Wrapping Paper

Creating your own wrapping paper is easy and so much fun with our downloadable templates. Try these fun patterns or mix and match to create your own!

Hand Painted Wrapping Paper

Painting your own wrapping paper is a wonderful way to add an extra personal touch to your holiday gift giving. Use these downloadable templates to add some wintery garden patterns to your gift wrap this season.


To create your own hand painted wrapping paper choose from one of our downloadable templates. Print the templates of your choice and laminate them or cover both sides with clear packing tape. Cut out the black shapes leaving the white paper intact. Place on your blank wrapping paper and use a sponge or brush to dab paint over the stencil. Gently lift the stencil, reposition and continue until the whole paper is covered. Try using two different colors of paint within each shape for added interest.

Create Patterns

Use the templates to create regular, repeatable patterns, or rotate them as you go to add a bit of randomness. Feel free to mix and match templates. Try adding a snowflake to the poinsettia template or mix the mistletoe and reindeer.

Holly and Mistletoe

Holly and mistletoe are classic Christmas plants and together they make a beautiful wrapping paper! Download this template and try rotating as you fill in the shapes for a pattern that doesn't repeat the same every time.

Pinecones and Acorns Pattern

Pinecones, acorns and evergreen branches cover this woodsy wrapping paper. Try adding a touch of purple to your pinecones for an unexpected pop, or keep your colors subtle on a brown background paper for a realistic forest feel.

Pinecones and Acorns

Download this template for a wrapping paper covered in a woodsy pattern.

Snowflake Paper

This snowflake pattern creates a beautiful winter-themed wrapping paper. Use light blues and purples on white paper, or try creating the pattern with white paint on cream or tan paper.

Snowflake Template

Download and print this template to create your snowflake wrapping paper. Use full size for large snowflakes, or scale down before printing for a smaller pattern.

Poinsettia and Cranberries

Bright red poinsettias and bright red cranberries meet in this festive wrapping paper. Try using 2 different colors of red, one for the berries and one for the flowers, or keep it simple with one solid color for both. This pattern also looks great on tan paper, so try it on butcher paper!

Poinsettia and Cranberries Template

Use this downloadable template to create lovely flower and berry-themed wrapping paper.

Christmas Tree Pattern

These striped and dotted Christmas trees create a fun, clean pattern. Paint them in using the templates and then go back and add the dots using the end of a cotton swab for quick, uniform circles.

Christmas Tree Template

Download this Christmas tree pattern to create your own Christmas tree wrapping paper.

Reindeer Wrapping Paper

This charming reindeer paper is the perfect mix of Christmas, winter and garden. A gift wrapped with these reindeer and pine branches is sure to bring a smile—even before it is opened!

Reindeer Template

Download this template to create your own reindeer pattern. Print full size or scale it for a smaller print. Try rotating the template each time you repeat to make the pattern feel a bit random.

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