Quick and Easy DIY Lip Balm

Making your own all-natural lip balm is easy with just a few ingredients.
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Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

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Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

Photo By: Debbie Wolfe

DIY Lip Balm

Homemade lip balm is an easy DIY project that takes a few minutes to complete. This lip balm is a wonderful wedding and baby shower gift as well as a great birthday gift. Once you see how easy these are to make, you’ll never buy the premade stuff again.


You will need: A microwave proof container with a spout / a bamboo skewer / several lip balm containers (total will depend on how large the containers are) / essential oils (optional) / one tablespoon of grated beeswax or beeswax pellets / one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of honey (optional).


Lip balm containers are available in tubes or small tubs. You can purchase the tubes online. The tubs can be found in the travel supply section in drug stores. The little tubs are designed to hold small amounts of lotions or other cosmetics: they are perfect for lip balm. The containers pictured are .25 ounces each.


Beeswax is available in block form or in pellets. When purchasing beeswax, make sure to select food grade. It also comes in its natural yellow color or white (cosmetic grade).


Add one tablespoon of beeswax and a tablespoon of coconut oil to the microwave proof container. Melt the ingredients in 30 second intervals.


After the first 30 second interval, use the bamboo skewer to mix. Beeswax takes longer to melt than coconut oil.

Stir Until Melted

Melt the ingredients for another 30 seconds until the beeswax is completely melted.

Add Honey

Once the beeswax and coconut oil are melted, you can add a tablespoon of honey (optional). An easy way to get the honey to slide out and mix well, it to heat it for a few seconds in the microwave.

Essential Oils

Add the essential oils (optional). Essential oils are strong, so a little goes a long way. Use your favorite scents. Some popular lip balm scents are citrus and mint. Mix to combine.


Carefully pour into your lip balm container. Do not fill the container completely to the top. Leave about ¼  of the container’s depth of headspace.

Let Cool

Let the lip balm cool until solid.

Cool Until Solid

The lip balm will solidify in about half an hour. Let it cool completely before you add the lid.

Homemade Lip Balm

You can add a fun label to personalize your lip balm. Toss a few in your bag; the next time you need a ready to go homemade gift, you are all set!

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