Decorate Your Mailbox for the Holidays

Start spreading your Christmas cheer at the curb by transforming your mailbox into a grouping of artificial trees using tomato cages, garland, twinkle lights and festive embellishments.

Colorful Curb Appeal

Amp up your holiday curb appeal by turning your everyday mailbox into a colorful Christmas scene.

Tools + Materials

You'll need: 3-7 tomato cages ranging in height; post-mounted mailbox; bolt cutters; 8-inch zip ties; garland; twinkle lights; outdoor ribbon; outdoor ornaments; extension cord.

Cut Cage

In order for the tomato cage to fit around the mailbox post, it needs to be cut along its back. To do this, use bolt cutters to cut the center of each round rung of the cage.

Create Cone

Create the conical shape of a Christmas tree by turning the tomato cage upside down. Next, tie the four wire ends together using a zip tie.

Attach Garland

Before fitting the cut tomato cage to the mailbox post, add garland to the wire, securing it in place with zip ties.

Add Lights

Slip the garland-covered tomato cage around the mailbox post. Then, add twinkle lights to the garland, starting from the top and working your way down to the bottom. An extension cord will be needed to power the lights.

Add Ornaments

Coordinate your mailbox tree with the rest of your home's holiday decor by layering outdoor, waterproof ribbon and outdoor ornaments.

Create a Grouping

Once the mailbox is transformed, create a small grouping of trees following the same steps. Note: You can skip the first step; the remaining trees don't need to be cut since they'll be standing on their own.

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