Cute Critters Made From Fruits and Veggies

Who wouldn't want to eat their fruits and veggies gazing at these charming creatures?

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ruth Meharg

A Pineapple Owl

Is there anything cuter (and more delicious) than this edible owl with a pineapple body? Make your own owl with these easy steps.

King of the Beasts

A banana, cherry tomato, cloves and a Brussels sprout make for one cute lion craft.

A Tiny Radish Mouse

Brussels sprouts and a radish equal one cute critter. Make your own veggie mouse.

Ambling Tropical Bird

We're not sure exactly what tropical bird this is, but we like its nonchalant gait and Brussels sprout feathers.

A Mother and Baby Bird

Not only cute, the blend of oranges and cloves used to create these birds makes them smell great too.

Green Gator

This ferocious alligator is a blast to create using a few simple, tasty supplies.

Emperor Penguin

This adorable emperor penguin's body is cleverly created from an eggplant.

Sea Turtle

This sea turtle is made from limes and grapes.


You'll want to make a whole herd of these cute cauliflower sheep.


Try different colors of peppers or tomatoes to add your own twist to this charming, edible giraffe.


Fruit turns our favorite beneficial bug into a sweet treat. Try your hand at an apple-blueberry ladybug.


This dragonfly is a blast to create, and a great project for a hot, summer day.

A Tropical Bunny

This brightly colored bunny rabbit is fun to make and eat!

Make a Sweet Potato Butterfly

You don't need many supplies to create this lovely veggie butterfly.

Make a Scary Snake

Turn a cucumber into a menacing—or sweet—serpent with this cool garden-to-table craft.

Bumble Bee

Follow these steps to make your own edible bee.

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