Create a Child's Garden Tote

Encourage a lifelong love of gardening with this garden tote.

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Ashley English

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ashley English

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ashley English

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ashley English

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ashley English

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ashley English

Encourage a Garden Helper

A customized garden tote is just the thing to get children interested in growing things. After customizing the tote, fill it with child-sized trowels and digging implements and watch as they have fun playing—and maybe even working—in the dirt!

Choose Your Tote

Your chosen tote can be any vessel with a handle. Plastic and metal options work equally well and are easily sourced from craft and hardware stores.

Affix the Letters

Affix lettered stickers to the side of your carrying vessel. Use your fingernail to securely burnish the stickers into the tote. You want to get them as flat and flush against the tote as possible so that paint doesn’t drip down behind the stickers after spraying.

Time to Paint

In an area with good ventilation, such as a garage or workshop with the doors open, or simply outside, place newspaper underneath the tote and gently spray a fine mist of colored spray paint over the letters. Allow to dry for about 10-15 minutes.

Remove the Stickers

Use an X-Acto knife or sharp blade to gently unpeel the stickers. Depending on the color of paint you use and the color of the vessel you’re working with, you may want to go back in with a permanent marker to further block in the letters.

Try Different Versions

You could also do the same project using a metal pail. A child's initials or a large uppercase letter of their first name are other fun customizing options.

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