Copper Mood Lamp

Steve Jones weaves copper strips into this metallic mood lamp.


Born and raised in Indianapolis, Ind., Steven Jones has incorporated his career as an electrician into his copper work to make unique copper products, like this copper mood lamp.

Materials and Tools:

cooper sheet
soldering flux
sand cloth
needle nose pliers
wire cutters
tin snips
rubber mallet
locking pliers
tape measure
Unibit drill bit
lamp cord*
eye protection
* Lamp cord with candelabra socket, a 30-watt candelabra lamp and an in-line switch with plug.




1. Cut 40 strips of copper sheet into 3/4" x 36" strips.

2. Bend all the copper strips 1/2 inch on one end completely over.



3. Lock two strips together at a 90-degree angle by pinching the folded ends together with locking pliers.



4. Lock 17 strips along the bottom strip by pinching the folded ends over the bottom strip.



5. Basket weave 11 strips one at a time over and under the vertical strips. Lock the strips to the side strip by pinching the 1/2 inch folded end of each strip over the side strip.

6. Mark a pencil line 1/2 inch past the last strip across all strips.

7. Cut off the ends of the strips along the marked line using a pair of tin snips.



8. Bend the ends to lock in the strips with the pliers and finish the edge.

9. This completes the large woven mat.



10. Repeat steps 2 – 8 using 16 copper strips.

11. This completes the medium mat.

12. Cut eight more strips 6-inches long with tin snips.

13. Cut the 6-inch strips in half lengthwise.

14. Then repeat steps 2 to 8.

15. Now you have three different sized mats.



16. Lay the mats flat and hammer the edges with a rubber mallet.

17. Roll the large copper woven mat into a cylinder overlapping the two ends.

18. Sand the edges where the two strips overlap.

19. Apply flux to the sanded edges.

20. Solder the seam together with the torch.

21. After it cools, cut two slits 3/8 inches deep, 3/8 inches apart on one end of the cylinder, four strips from the seam using tin snips.



22. Bend the notch inward using needle nose pliers.

23. Sand the cut edges of the notch with a sanding cloth.

24. Dab flux on the edges of the notch and solder the edges together using the torch.

25. Cut a 3" x 10" piece of copper.

26. Mark four 2-inch lines on the strip lengthwise with a pencil.

27. With pliers, bend the strip to make a top hat decoration for the socket holder.

28. Mark the top center of the socket holder.

29. Use the Unibit and drill at the center mark to the size needed to insert the socket.

30. Insert the socket assembly into the socket holder.

31. Place the socket holder on center of the medium woven piece.

32. Place the cylinder on the medium mat with the seam in the middle of mat and place the cord at the notched area on the cylinder and center the cylinder onto the mat.

33. With a pencil mark three equal areas on the cylinder and mat where they meet.

34. Dab flux in a 1-inch wide area on the bottom of the cylinder at the marks and repeat on the mat.



35. Assemble the two pieces together with the cord in the notch and the socket assembly inside.

36. Solder the two pieces together. Avoid contact with the cord.



37. Sand a 3/4-inch area at the top of the seam on the now vertical cylinder. Sand 3/4 inch at one corner of the small woven piece. Dab the areas with flux and solder together.

38. Screw a 30-watt lamp into the socket and enjoy your copper mood lamp.

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