Computer Circuit Board Belt Buckle

Give a broken computer new utility by turning the components into a geek-chic fashion accessory.

Tan Belts With Buckles Made of Old Computer Circuit Boards

Computer Circuit Board Belt Buckle

By: Michele Beschen

Materials Needed:

  • circuit board from a broken computer keyboard or other electronic device
  • soldering iron
  • ring hook buckle backs
  • 1/8" rivets
  • rotary tool with cutting, sanding and buffing wheel
  • drill with 1/8" drill bit
  • rivet tool

Disassemble Electronic Device

Make sure that all power has been shut off to broken electronic device. Open device and remove circuit board.

Shape Board

Use cutting wheel to cut circuit board to desired size and shape. Create a smooth surface by removing any protruding hardware from board using thin cutting wheel.

Cut Circuit Board for Belt Buckle

Cutting Circuit Board With Handheld Electric Saw

Remove Points and Smooth Edges

Use a hot soldering iron to smooth out existing soldering points protruding from board, then smooth edges with sanding wheel.

Sand Edges of Circuit Board for Belt Buckle

Sanding Edges of Circuit Board With Dremel Tool

Attach Buckle Back With Rivets

To attach buckle, center back on board, mark holes and drill through board. Use rivet tool to attach buckle back with rivets.

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