Bite Sized Bowls

Diann Schwerdtfeger's passion for glass art is evident in her bite sized millefiori bowls. These miniature bowls are great for storing tea bags, vitamins, change and jewelry or for displaying.


Materials and Tools:

effetre sheet glass
millefiori rods – cut into murrini's
glass circle cutter
cutting surface turntable
glass breaking tool
glass firing kiln
glass grinder
flat disc grinder
stainless steal washers
heat resistant gloves
glass rod cutter
kiln wash
kiln shelves
kiln posts
bowl mold for slumping




1. Cut effetre sheet glass into a circle using a circle guide and glasscutter. Grind the edges using a glass grinder.

2. Millefiori pieces are placed on a kiln shelf with four stainless steel washers on each corner for spacers, then a second kiln shelf is placed on top of the millefiori pieces and three kiln posts are placed on top for weight. The kiln shelves must have kiln wash applied to the surfaces touching the millefiori. The kiln shelves are placed in a small kiln and brought up to a temperature of approximately 1900 degrees.

3. When the millefiori are glowing red turn off the kiln. Take off the lid and with a long kiln post in each hand, press the kiln shelf down to flatten the millefiori. Let cool to room temperature. Caution Wear heat resistant gloves when working with hot glass.



4. When millefiori are cooled to room temperature, glue them randomly on the circular piece of glass.

5. Place the piece, millefiori side down, on the kiln shelf and fire to approximately 1800 degrees. Flash vent down to 1000 degrees by removing the lid. Place the lid back on the kiln and let cool down to room temperature.

6. Remove the piece from the kiln and smooth the edges and the surface of the glass disc on the beveling machine.



7. Place the disc on a miniature bowl mold that has been coated with kiln wash. Place on the kiln shelf and fire to approximately 1700 degrees. Flash vent down to 1000 degrees. Place the lid back on kiln and let cool to room temperature.

8. Remove the bowl and enjoy.

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