Adult Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Creepy Ragdoll

Go disguised as a ragdoll this Halloween. Our easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions will show you how to totally transform your look with makeup.
Creepy Ragdoll Halloween Costume

Creepy Ragdoll Halloween Costume

Go disguised as a ragdoll this Halloween. Our easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions will show you how to totally transform your look with makeup.

By: Traci Hines, Becky Sapp, and Jason Amos
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Optional Costume Items:

dress made of random fabrics and patches
white or gray tights
striped socks or legwarmers
black heeled boots

Materials Needed:

  • white-, blue- or gray-colored cream foundation
  • white or light loose face powder
  • powder puff
  • pink blush
  • white pencil liner
  • sky-blue cream-based makeup
  • blue eye shadows (3 shades, light to dark)
  • black liquid eyeliner
  • eyelash curler
  • mascara
  • spidery false lashes
  • false bottom lashes
  • eyelash glue
  • black yarn
  • scissors
  • red lip liner and lipstick
  • long auburn wig
  • soft blush brush

Apply Foundation

Begin by covering entire face in a white, blue or gray cream foundation. Apply color with a sponge, and blot all over until you have the level of coverage you want (Image 1). Extend it down to the neck as well. Set with white or light-colored loose powder using a powder puff (Image 2). Add a touch of pink blush to cheeks using a soft brush (Image 3).

Add Eye Circles

Line waterline, the inside of the lower lid, with white eyeliner. Put it on very thick and extend to the lower lash line (Image 1). Using a brush, dip into a pot of cream-based makeup color in a sky-blue shade. Create large circles surrounding the eyes starting at the eyebrows and continuing all the way around. Fill in the top half of the circle, covering eyelids, and begin to fill in the bottom as well — avoiding the area where you put the white eyeliner (Image 2). Once circles have been painted in, set with a quick dusting of powder (Image 3). Cover circles with blue eye shadow in a similar color. Use a slightly darker blue eye shadow for the top part of the circle and eyelid and a slightly lighter blue eyeshadow for the lower half of the circle to create a very subtle fade (Image 4). These circles will help give eyes the illusion of being extremely large.

Apply Eye Color

Line the top lash line with black liquid eyeliner (Image 1), and paint a thin line underneath the white liner on the lower lash line. Use a darker gray-blue shadow to shade a tiny bit under the black line underneath eyes (Image 2). Curl your eyelashes, and coat top lashes only with black mascara (Images 3 and 4).

Apply False Lashes

Apply spidery false lashes to the top, and a pair of shorter lashes under eyes where black eyeliner was applied (Image 1). Blend the top false lashes to real lashes with mascara (Image 2).

Add Stitches

Using a black liquid eyeliner or black cream color, paint one line across forehead down into one of the circles around the eyes and out the other side (Image 1). Next, draw two "Joker"-style lines coming from the corners of your mouth going up the cheeks (Image 2). If you used cream makeup, set it with powder before moving on. Shade these lines using blue eye shadow (Image 3).

Take a ball of black yarn, and clip off tiny pieces to use as the stitches. Put a dab of clear eyelash glue on yarn or directly onto face, and place yarn across the lines created earlier (Image 4). The goal is to make them look haphazardly stitched, so place them at random with some crossing over each other, creating an X-shape. Place others alone as a single stitch (Image 5).

Finishing Touches

Line and fill in lips with red pencil. To make lips look asymmetrical, line outside of lip line on one side of top lip and opposing side on bottom lip (Images 1 and 2). Paint in lips with a matching red lipstick (Image 3). Use black liquid liner once more and line outside of lips to enhance the mismatched shape you've given them (Image 4). Finish the look with a long auburn wig and ragged costume (Image 5). Once dressed, match the rest of your skin with your face.

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