No-Sew Accent Pillows

You'll be amazed at what you can do with glue and hook-and-loop strips.

Projects by Tracey Dale

From blue jeans and dish towels to fancy, shimmery fabric, you can use just about any material to create simple accent pillows that don’t require sewing. Here are a few possibilities:

Blue Jeans Pillows and Bolsters

These pillows are a great way to recycle jeans that no longer fit or are worn out. They’re perfect for a child’s room or a casual family room.

Materials and Tools:

pair of jeans
fabric glue
hook-and-loop strip
pillow foam or batting


1. Cut off the legs of the jeans just below the zipper.

2. Use fabric glue to seal the bottom half. The heavier the fabric, the more glue you’ll need. Just turn under the rough edge of the bottom layer, without the zipper, about a half-inch, and then run a generous bead of glue along the edge.

3. Turn under the edge of the top side of the jeans about a half-inch and press onto the glue on the bottom side to seal.

4. To seal the top edge, glue a hook-and-loop strip on each side. Set something heavy on the strips while the glue dries?about an hour.

5. Wait 24 hours before stuffing the pillow with a pillow form or batting, and press closed along the top edge. Tuck fun items into the pockets, such as a teddy bear or the remote control.

6. Once stuffed, let it cure for about a week before using it.

7. For the bolsters, cut each end of the pants leg so they’re even.

8. Turn under the rough edge about an inch.

9. Glue a strip of trim such as faux-suede fringe just up and under the turned edge. Seal each leg with trim.

Dish-Towel Pillow

This is fun for a seating area or kitchen.

Materials and Tools:

dish towel
fabric glue
hook-and-loop tape squares


1. Lay a towel out flat and run a bead of glue along both side edges on the middle third of the towel.

2. Fold up the bottom third and press onto glue to create a pocket.

3. Glue on two squares of hook-and-loop tape about three inches in from each side of the towel.

4. Turn down the top third of the towel (like an envelope), mark where the other piece of hook-and-loop tape should go to correspond with the bottom pieces, and glue on.

5. Let dry 24 hours before stuffing, and then cure for a week.

Sophisticated Pillow

This trick can be used to dress up pillows for a party, using just a yard of shimmery fabric and decorative jewelry.


1. Lay out the fabric on a flat surface and place the pillow form in the middle.

2. Gather fabric up evenly around all edges, fluffing and arranging for desired look.

3. Fasten the ends of the fabric in the center with a brooch or a decorative fastener.

Rug Pillow

Use an inexpensive rug to make a quick cover for a good pillow that may be in for some rough use, like when a gang of kids is headed your way. It’s easy to make and easy to put on and take off.


1. Stretch an inexpensive rug out flat.

2. Place the pillow in the center and fold the bottom half up.

3. Glue a hook-and-loop strip across the inside upper edge and on the outside of the folded-up edge.

4. Fold over the top third to seal. The sides should remain open.

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