24 Can't-Miss Wedding Day Photo Ops

Professional wedding photographer, Amber Lowe, weighs in on her top picks for those must-capture wedding moments — from traditional to totally unique.

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Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

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Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

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Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

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Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo

Photo By: Amber Lowe Photo


If your photographer offers a bridal session and you're wearing your grandmother's antique dress, take it! It's such a sweet way to honor your family and memories. Order a print or canvas and gift it to your grandmother as a Christmas present.

Your Venue

Always remember where you said forever. It will make a great hanging memory in your home.

Front Page News

Create a time capsule of sorts by capturing a photo of front page news the day of your wedding. Photo: Erin Turner Photography

Bridesmaids' Reactions

Whether you want them by your side while you're putting your dress or want them to have a first look, don't miss your maids' reactions.

Putting on the Dress

One of my personal favorites is the moment the bride slips into her dress. It's the symbolic ending of that season of life, and the beginning of forever with her soon-to-be spouse.

Friends Helping

Want a candid moment between you and your BFF? Make sure your photog arrives during prep time to snag some sweet moments between the two of you.

Mom Helping

She helped you put on everything from your pretend princess dresses to the outfits YOU picked out when you were a little girl. Now, she’s helping you get into your dress. An opportunity that may be once in a lifetime.

Groom Getting Ready

Don't forget your guy! You'll both love looking back on his special moments before the "I do's." 

Pre-Ceremony Emotions

A trending moment you’ll find many photographers capturing is Dad’s first look. One that I believe should’ve been around a lot longer.

First Look

If you want to save valuable time after the ceremony, consider doing a first look session beforehand. It's not for everyone and that’s okay! But it makes for the sweetest shots. Ask your photographer about their first look policy before your big day.

Alternative: First Touch

An alternative to the first look is what I like to call the 'first touch' or 'blind touch.' In this moment, couples can choose to read and exchange letters and gifts or pray together before the ceremony without actually seeing each other in wedding attire.

Wedding Day Letters

If you don’t want to do a first look or blind touch, consider something simple like exchanging letters while you’re getting ready for the big day. Not only does it create a sense of anticipation, but it's also a sweet way to express your love if you’re not writing your own vows. A photo of the letters can be used as a centerpiece of a gallery wall in your home later on.

Bridal Party Before Ceremony

I love when bridesmaids treat their bride by reading out letters or praying for her before she walks down the aisle. This adds a close, personal touch to your journalistic wedding day.

Gifts to Parents/Bridal Party/Loved Ones

Have your photographer capture the moment you give special gifts to your loved ones on the big day.

Before Bride Walks Down the Aisle

Anticipation and joy! These final moments before walking down the aisle are among the rarest and most emotional.

Ring Bearer/Flower Girl

“Hi, Mom!!” If you have a flower girl or ring bearer, chances are you’re gonna have some entertainment.

Groom's Reaction

A MUST!!!! Especially if you’re opting out of a first look.

View From Above

Long train: check. Beautiful church: check. Balcony view: double check. If you have more than one photographer shooting your wedding, make sure one of them gets a balcony shot like this one.

The Aisle Walk

Whoever accompanies you, make sure your photographer has a front row seat for this moment.

Parents Coming Back Up the Aisle

Don't forget to ask your photog to capture the look of bliss on your parents' faces.

Downtime After the Ceremony

If you invested in a journalistic and joy seeking photographer, they will follow you and shoot from a distance to capture your first moments as a married couple.

Anniversary Dance

Hiring a DJ or a band? Ask them to coordinate an anniversary dance. How it works: all married couples are invited to the dance floor. As couples are dancing, the DJ calls out a certain number of years (i.e. 5 years or less) and the couples that are married less than 5 years leave the dance floor. Eventually, you’re left with the couple who's been married the longest. It's a great opportunity to grab rare, candid moments of loved ones.

The Cake

Go all out with the cake. Dresses and tuxedos can get clean...make it EPIC!


Don't forget about the romantic exit! Sneak in one last smooch before hitting the road. See 17 Wedding Exit Ideas >>

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