Summer-Inspired Striped and Checkered Tablecloths

It will always feel like summer with these classic striped and checkered tablecloths, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Watermelon Stripes

This green-and-red tablecloth amplifies the energy from the orange walls.

A Purpose in Plaid

The deep red and purples scream summer with every stripe.


Big bars of bold colors intertwine in this picnic-ready tablecloth.

A Side of Stripes

The fun of summer is embodied in this exciting striped tabletopper.

Classic Covering

No need to change the original, this tablecloth is just waiting for the shade of a tree in the park.

Fun Festivities

This tablecloth integrates fun colors for summer feasting.

Country Covering

The plaid pattern of this tablecloth combines fields of lilac, wheat and sweet peas. Design by RMS user GritsandGlamour.

A Twist on the Classic

By switching the red stripes to deep blue, this tablecloth presents an unexpected surprise. Design by RMS user KCTablescaper.

Evening Specialty

With shades of cobalt and violet, this tablecloth is lit up for a romantic night in the summer. Design by RMS user abeachcottageblog.

Let's Lunch

As a color that stimulates appetite, this red plaid covering is perfect for lunchtime.

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