One Dough, Five Easy Christmas Cookies

A basic sugar cookie dough can make a diverse and scrumptuous holiday cookie platter in a snap.
By: Heather Baird
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One Dough = Five Different Cookies

Use a traditional sugar cookie dough and make slight adjustments in order to create four very different and very scrumptious Christmas cookies. From candied orange to cashews to sugar crystals, each cookie has a unique look and flavor to set it apart at your next holiday gathering.

Sugar Cookies

Use six basic ingredients to make classic Christmas sugar cookies for upcoming holiday parties. Use cookie cutters to create stars, trees and other traditional shapes, and then dress up with frosting and sugar crystals in seasonal hues. Get the recipe.

Chocolate Cookies

Using the same basic sugar cookie recipe, simply replace one cup of all-purpose flour with one cup of unsweetened cocoa powder to create chocolate cookies. Leave these sweet treats as they are or top with frosting and sugar crystals for a delicious finish. Get the recipe.

Chocolate-Vanilla Striped Cookies

To create these striped cookies, make one basic sugar dough recipe and one chocolate dough recipe. Put one dough on top of the other, line up and cut into strips. Stack the strips on top of each other to create layers of different doughs. With each bite, guests will taste both yummy flavors. Get the recipe.

Cashew Dulce de Leche Cookies

Embellish sugar cookies with salted cashews and a dust of cinnamon. After baking, pipe prepared dulce de leche over each cookie square for a sweet and salty treat. Get the recipe.

Chocolate and Candied Orange Cookies

Chocolate cookies are given a colorful and zesty kick with candied orange. After cutting the chocolate dough, brush the cookie squares with beaten egg white and sprinkle candied orange on each one. Get the recipe.

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