An Unbalanced Look at San Francisco

When you set the camera level and shoot these houses as they would appear if they weren't on super-steep hills, the rogue spirit of the original settlers becomes abundantly clear.
By: Amy Keyishian

Photo By: Ross Pushinaitis

Photo By: Ross Pushinaitis

Photo By: Ross Pushinaitis

Photo By: Ross Pushinaitis

Askew Lombard Street

They didn't make Lombard Street super twisty just for giggles — it's really, really stinkin' steep. So steep that you could never play bocce in this house's living room.

Twisted Tudor

The question is, do you squeeze more square feet into the house this way?

Yes, They Cant!

A whole row of Cow Hollow houses reclines like a line of exhausted toddlers.

Listing in the Lower Haight

What do you call a woman who lives here? Eileen.

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