HGTV Urban Oasis 2012: Laundry Room Pictures

The HGTV Urban Oasis laundry room boasts a built-in washer and dryer and work counter, capped with a 6-foot marble slab.

A Laundry Room with Extra Storage

Weathered gray oak flooring extends into the laundry room, which boasts a built-in washer and dryer. The counter, capped with a 6-foot marble slab, offers an ideal work and laundry folding surface.

A Laundry Room with a Beach Feel

"It's such a spacious laundry room," says Lindsay. "And we obviously didn't want to overlook it and not design it." Softening touches include custom fiber artwork and beachwear turned wall art.

Laundry Room With Basket Storage Space

Above-counter storage offers space to stash cleaning supplies and small appliances. Tea-stained rattan-peel baskets port rolled bath towels and glass canisters, filled with laundry detergent powder and detergent pods.

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