Bold and Trendy New Neutrals You'll Want to Try

Too timid to go bold? Too tired of neutral to stick with beige or cream? Take a look at these new neutrals because they may be just what your home needs and discover furnishings sponsored by Bassett Furniture. 

Photo By: Sarah Dorio

Photo By: Sarah Dorio

Photo By: Robert Peterson/Rustic White Pho

Photo By: Robert Peterson/Rustic White Pho

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza/Flynnsideout Prod

Photo By: Robert Peterson/Rustic White Pho

Photo By: Robert Peterson/Rustic White Pho

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza/Flynnsideout Prod

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza/Flynnsideout Prod

Photo By: Robert Peterson/Rustic White Pho

Photo By: Robert Peterson/Rustic White Pho

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza/Flynnsideout Prod

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza/Flynnsideout Prod

Earthy Green

Mossy green tones are often the most popular new neutrals due to the personalities they evoke when paired with other colors and textures. In this master bedroom, mossy green throw pillows mix with drapery and bedding in different shades and tints of the same color.

Black Meets Brown

Black-brown is a masculine new neutral that designers and decorators often use to help ground spaces or add contrast. In the seating area of the master bedroom, a dark brown throw pillow was added to an armchair not only for a touch of contrast, but to pull darker tones from the oversized piece of modern art.

Go Greige

Greige is a cross between gray and beige, and it has become a go-to neutral for architects, builders and designers due to its gender-neutral values and overall versatility. In the teen room at HGTV Smart Home 2016, a small, greige-colored occasional table beside the bed offers extra space to display picture frames and succulents. Instead of competing with the bold wallpaper, the greige piece complements it while also coordinating perfectly with the room's painted door.

Soothing Blue-Gray

Blue-gray tones are soothing, tranquil, gender neutral, casual and glamorous. An excellent way to use blue-gray in a more energetic manner is to layer it with shades of dove gray and a few darker tones bordering on teal or aqua. You can give this new neutral more of a green appearance by pairing it with mint or robin's egg. Keep it blue with the introduction of white and/or navy.

Olive Green

Although it may not immediately seem like a neutral, olive green is a rich earth tone that mixes well with almost every other color. For a modern spin, try mixing olive with blue-gray and green-gray tones. This results in a color combination that's fresh, yet classic, and also evokes a feeling of transitional glamour.

Burnt Orange

While colors in the orange family may not seem like neutrals, terra cotta is so versatile that it works with nearly every other color. The trick to using burnt oranges successfully is to find a fabric with just the right amount of gray and/or brown undertones to render them in the earth tone family. This glider at HGTV Smart Home 2016 is comfy, gender neutral and warm thanks to its terra cotta and gray houndstooth upholstery. 

When in Doubt, Go Gray

Interior designers and decorators have considered gray the ultimate neutral for decades. If you're worried gray may become too sterile in your own home, try layering different shades in a smaller space like a bathroom with paint, a fabric shower curtain and statement art. Should this look fit your personality and lifestyle, next try using gray in a higher traffic space like a living room or dining room.

Have You Heard of Ochre?

Popular with craftsman-style architecture and bungalow interiors, ochre is a cross between olive green, mustard yellow and brown. To use it successfully, try mixing ochre with earth tones such as burnt orange and black-brown.

Forrest Green

If olive greens are too brown for your taste, then classic forest green may be the perfect new neutral fit. Made with more black undertones than olive, forest green can take on masculine characteristics when paired with wood tones and dark colors or appear more feminine when mixed with blush or peach.

Stone Gray

Use new neutrals in a classic Belgian way by layering different shades of stone gray with a mixture of materials. The guest seating in the home office at HGTV Smart Home 2016 has a pair of Louis chairs with weathered gray wood finishes and stone gray linen upholstery. To keep the overall look monochromatic, the walls are also painted a shade of brown-gray just a few tints darker than the chair upholstery and wood.

Coral Tones

Coral tones are reminiscent of vibrant, Floridian beach hues, but they can also fall into the new neutral category depending on the intensity of their hue. The office at HGTV Smart Home 2016 is packed with muted coral tones from the textural rug and the patterned valance and Roman shade to the comfy velvet-upholstered wingback chair.

Artichoke Green

Looking for a modern way to update a classic or traditional sofa? Try an unexpected new neutral like artichoke green. This sofa in the living room at HGTV Smart Home 2016 features a plush three-seater sofa covered in a fresh artichoke green velvet. 

Navy Blue

Depending on what shade of gray you mix with navy blue, you can end up with the perfect juxtaposition of cool and warm color. The living room at HGTV Smart Home 2016 is grounded by a graphic area rug featuring navy and marble gray, a warm tint that can really help highlight other warm features in a room. Here, the marble gray enhances the gray undertones of the wooden coffee table as well as the dark brown legs of the arm chair.

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