HGTV Green Home 2008: Sunsets and Water Views

A gallery of postcard-worthy sunsets, daybreaks and waterfront views highlight the setting for HGTV's 2008 Green Home, located near Hilton Head, S.C.

Green Home 2008

"Golden hour" sunlight casts long shadows and bathes the Green Home in a rich afternoon glow. This environmentally innovative home features heating and cooling systems designed to mitigate energy consumption, advanced water heating and distribution, highly energy efficient windows and doors, and photovoltaic solar collectors that provide for a portion of the home's energy needs.

Green Home 2008

First light of day illuminates the 2008 Green Home. In addition to a design developed to maximize energy efficiency, the home utilizes the landscaping carefully planned to leave a "light footprint" on the environment and incorporates a variety of reclaimed and recycled materials.

Green Home 2008

The seating area at the water's edge provides an ideal setting for taking in sunsets. The home's outdoor environments were carefully designed to cause minimal site disturbance and to protect and preserve the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Green Home 2008

Drought-resistant landscaping, plant selection that incorporates native, non-invasive species, and efforts to protect and encourage local wildlife are all significant considerations that help ensure that a new home has minimal negative impact on the natural ecosystem.

Green Home 2008

The northern veranda, visible here, fronts the home's great room and master suite. It also provides easy access to the vegetable and herb garden.

Green Home 2008

The 2008 Green Home is registered with the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED for Homes program. LEED certification is a system for ensuring that homes and buildings are designed to be energy and resource efficient and healthy for occupants.

Green Home 2008

A dramatic sunset view serves as a compelling reminder of a core goal in HGTV's continuing Green Home projects: to create beautiful homes that are in balance with, and respectful of, their natural surroundings.

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