HGTV Green Home 2008: Pantry and Laundry Room

The walk-through pantry, which opens at the far end onto a laundry room, features open shelving, ample storage and a recycling station that's convenient to the kitchen.

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Country-Style Pantry

The generous walk-through pantry offers easy access to canned and dry foods. It has the look of a country general store, with open shelves, mix-and-match baskets and glass canisters. Interior designer Linda Woodrum used open shelves. Some are reserved for tools like colanders or food processor blades; others boast stacks of brightly colored dishes. An eco-friendly quartz countertop in soft white offers a resting spot for the toaster oven, cereal canisters and blender. Linda likes the surfaces because they're made of high-quality recycled material.

Recycling Hub

The recycling hub is hidden behind a striped curtain that coordinates with the curtains in the dining room. Linda chose this location because it is easily accessible from the kitchen and laundry room, where bottles, cans and jars are likely to be emptied. The south storage unit features six open shelves. Like the walls, these shelves are painted a clean, fresh white. Low-VOC paints and stains were used throughout the house, eliminating toxic off-gassing.


This multifunctional laundry room offers a place to wash, dry and fold clothes, as well as ample storage for paper goods and bulk items. Its focal point is the Energy Star rated washer and dryer in deep burgundy.

Open Shelving

On the upper shelves Linda used glass canisters for loose goods like flour, sugar and open pasta. Not only are these canisters pretty to look at, they're eco-friendly. "If you organize things and put them in clear jars, it makes your life so much easier. It keeps food fresh longer and keeps you from buying duplicates," Linda says.

Towel Rack

There are two fun, functional, elements in the room: a fold-out towel rack and a row of hooks for beach bags, towels or cloth shopping bags. Got damp kitchen towels? Throw them over the rack, open the window and let the air dry them.

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