Garage From HGTV Green Home 2008

The Green Home's two-car garage, located adjacent to the covered south veranda, doubles as the control center for solar power distribution, as well as rainwater harvesting and recycling.

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Room for Two

Don't be fooled by the cottage-chic exterior of the Green Home garage. This hard-working two-car garage will house the GMC Yukon Hybrid that is part of the Green Home giveaway, plus the golf cart that comes with all homes in Tradition. It's also the hub of the Green Home's solar power and rainwater harvesting systems.

Efficient Utilities

The Green Home generates about 10 percent of its own electricity through solar power, with a photovoltaic system located on the south roof. In addition, rainwater from the roof is harvested in an underground cistern and piped through the garage to supply water to the toilets.

Play Space

This multi-functional room is sealed and exhausted separately from the rest of the house, preventing carbon monoxide, water vapor and other contaminates from migrating into living areas. The south veranda offers protection from the elements on the short walk from the garage to the house.

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