Loft Pictures From HGTV Smart Home 2015

Bright blue sectionals, nap-worthy daybeds and enough seating for 20, this colorful loft is party central.

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Big Blue Room

With plenty of seating and a vibrant color palette, the loft is the perfect place for a slumber party or family movie night. “This is kind of the great big blue room,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum. “I think 20 people could be up here watching TV.”

Bigger is Better

Whether you’re hosting a night of super bowl fun or catching up on your favorite shows, this wall-mounted TV is a sight to behold. “We have a really awesome 80” ultra-high definition television up in the loft, and it’s quite spectacular,” says house planner Jack Thomasson.

Snack Time

What’s a movie night without the snacks? A tray with all the best treats sits beneath the incredible flat-screen television.

Basket Case

Attractive wire storage baskets are perfect for housing blankets, remotes and extra snacks for when supplies are running low.

High-Tech Home

Keeping with the home’s up-to-date features, an iPad makes it easy to surf the web and control various electronic devices from anywhere in the house.

Artistic Discoveries

Most artwork in the home was sourced locally, a favorite tradition of Linda. “We love that process of helping people who are starting out by finding their artwork and giving them a place to show on a different level or in a different way than they normally would be able to,” explains Linda. “That’s a really fun part of putting the house together.”

Patterned Blue Blend

A bold mix of patterned pillows adds trendy style to the space but keeps with the overall blue theme.

Exceptional Lighting

The loft makes great use of light by combining recessed lighting and an overhead lamp with the natural lighting from three skylights.

Contemporary Cooling

A metal ceiling fan keeps the cool air circulating on the upper floor and is a stylish, contemporary alternative to classic wooden fans.

Pops of Yellow

Throughout the home, colorful flowers are used to brighten each room. In the upstairs loft, yellow blooms really stand out in the predominantly blue space.

Storage Options

To make the best use of the space, a small dresser doubles as an end table while providing a great deal of extra storage.

Darling Daybeds

Daybeds with curtains are great for extra seating as well as slumber parties. We’ve totally encased the beds in curtains,” says Linda. “They become private little rooms, but you could also lie there and watch TV. This is like the slumber party mecca or super bowl party room.”

Slumber Party

“We have two L-shaped sectionals facing each other, and then we have two niches that overlook the street,” says Linda. “Each of those has a chez that is really like a bed, so you could have people sleep there if you wanted.”

Funky Accent Piece

A wooden geometric end table is a fun accent piece that takes up very little space and still provides a spot to place a book or beverage.

Sugar Craze

Every candy lover’s dream becomes a reality in this sweet space. A glass cabinet is filled with several jars of delicious candies just waiting to be devoured. 

Scrumptious Sweets

Peppermints and chocolates make the perfect treat for a sweet movie night in.

So Much Seating

By choosing sectionals instead of traditional couches, several more people can comfortably gather for a night of board games or a movie extravaganza.

Comfort is Calling

Colorful and comfy, these gorgeous blue sectionals are just begging to be enjoyed. According to Linda, “We never sit on the furniture, but of all the houses we have ever worked on, this is the hardest place not to sit at the end of those long days, because it’s very cool!”

Smart Skylights

Skylights are a great addition to the loft as they let natural light in and reduce the need for artificial light, but when it’s time to enjoy the TV, these smart skylights have shades for blocking out the sun and eliminating glare.

Mobile Furnishings

“The great thing about this space is that the two sectionals can configure into different arrangements,” explains design coordinator Kelly Mockingbird. “You can move them around and make a huge palette facing the sofa, so it’s a really fun space. “

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