Dining Room Pictures From HGTV Smart Home 2015

A mix of farmhouse design with modern accessories creates a stylish and welcoming dining area.

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Jason Kisner

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Photo By: Eric Perry

Charming Farmhouse Dining Room

Open to the kitchen, entryway and living room, the dining room sets the scene with its urban vibe and subtle overtones of Texas.

Cushy and Stylish

Six custom upholstered side chairs add an aura of elegance to the rustic farmhouse style dining table.

Metallic Touches

A collection of mercury glass vases and candles adorn the dining table and pair well with warm wood tones while complementing the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.

Clever Candles

“The dining table is a wonderful picnic-like table with a rustic top and one of the fun things we did on top of that was a collection of mercury glass and candles that operate through remote controls,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum.

Smooth Dining Room to Living Room Transition

The sophisticated but comfortable monochromatic color scheme is enlivened by pops of color from statement pieces and transitions seamlessly from the dining room into the living room.

Farmhouse Design

Reminiscent of old worn barn wood, the dining table and wood floors contribute to the overall rustic farmhouse feel of the home.

Tech Savvy Home Control System

HGTV Smart Home 2015 is equipped with two iPads, which in addition to a smart phone can be used to control lighting settings, blinds, Tempurpedic beds and the entire audio/video system throughout the house. Now that’s smart. This phone is not given away as part of the prizing.

Rustic Flooring Worth Adoring

Elegant yet rustic wood floors throughout the first floor feature a reclaimed wood styling with distinctive markings that ooze farmhouse design.

Generous Natural Light

Large floor-to-ceiling windows shed tons of natural light into the entryway and dining room and provide picturesque views of the front yard landscape.

Adjustible Seating Options

Two leather host and hostess armchairs flank each side of the flat screen television in the living room and can be transferred into the dining room for larger dinner parties. “The reason we put the host and hostess chairs in the living room under the big screen TV is for traffic flow. It makes the space more open and it’s not as crowded and confusing. I think that’s really important when you’re doing dining rooms that you really want that sense that it’s cleaned up, it’s neater and it’s tidier, especially when we are in this open floor plan,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum.

Bronze Accessories

Bronze sculptural elements and fixtures bring an urban vibe to an otherwise rural design scheme.

Sunlit Corner Sitting Area

Not only is the antique-inspired chest stylish but practical as well. “When you’re going through a house you want to find ways to keep it neat and tidy and more pleasing to live in, so the chest is clever because you have a place to throw your keys, your stuff and it’s out of the way,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum.

Geometric Storage Chest

Geometric designs transform a rustic cherry chest into a modern statement piece.

Picnic-Inspired Dining Table with Beaded Chairs

The ‘X’ motif displayed in the dining table is continued in the designs on the entry hall chest and barbed wire curtain design to tie the entire room together.

Cheerful Flowers and Artwork

A floral arrangement in the entryway provide a pop of color in the monochromatic space and helps bring the outdoors inside.

Inviting Entryway

Forget cutting keys and re-keying locks, the touch lock is a smart lock that can be operated from the touchpad, smart phone or tablet device instead of a key.

Keyless Entry

The front door can be opened remotely or the homeowner can program up to 19 passcodes, making the smart lock especially efficient.

Inherently Smart Powerblinds

Crisp white power-blinds can be operated from the two iPads that live within the home. Some even interface with the server to go up and down depending on the amount of sun coming in, the time of day and even the season of the year.

Bronze Pendant Candelabra

A bronze linear pendant candelabra with a long shade is the perfect mix of form and function and enhances the dining room by bringing warmth into the space.

Barbed Wire Printed Curtains

Barbed wire designed curtains break up neutral walls and help bring subtle hints of Austin into the space.

LED Lighting

“We have really great hip designer lighting around the house. All of the decorative fixtures throughout the house use LED bulbs, including the candelabra bulbs above the dining table and all the lamps so we have a complete LED story here,” says house planner Jack Thomasson.

Open First Floor Plan

The open first floor plan is smartly designed to allow for easy navigation from the kitchen to the dining room and on to the living room.

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