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2013 10 Photos

Side Yard from Charleston, SC

2009 5 Photos

Patio from Sonoma, CA

2014 23 Photos

Outdoor Kitchen from Lake Tahoe, CA

2016 20 Photos

Lanai from Merritt Island, FL

2009 7 Photos

Garden from Sonoma, CA

2013 27 Photos

Deck from Charleston, SC

2012 18 Photos

Entertainment Deck from Park City, UT

2010 11 Photos

Casita Patio from Sandia Park, NM

2011 10 Photos

Terrace from Stowe, VT

2015 17 Photos

Back Patio from Martha's Vineyard, MA

2012 19 Photos

Outdoor Living Room from Park City, UT

2010 18 Photos

Back Patio from Sandia Park, NM

2013 7 Photos

Front Porch from Charleston, SC

2011 10 Photos

Deck from Stowe, VT

2016 30 Photos

Pool Patio from Merritt Island, FL

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