Tips for Designing the Most Plush Indoor-Outdoor Room

Create a welcoming flow, add cohesive pops of color and pick the best possible textiles with these tips for putting together your own stylish indoor-outdoor space from HGTV Dream Home 2017.

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Open and Airy

To help make the pool lounge of the HGTV Dream Home 2017 feel outdoorsy with the creature comforts of an indoor room, the design team packed it with practical furnishings and open, airy colors.

All About the View

When decorating an indoor-outdoor room, it's smart to start with a focal point, and then pull all of your elements from it accordingly. The first step for this space was to situate all of the furniture around the unobstructed view of the swimming pool.

Low Furniture

You can easily detract from or enhance a room's view based on the shape, size and scale of the furniture placed in it. Instead of flanking the pool lounge with two sofas, a pair of armchairs is used near the windows to keep the vantage points clear and open to the view.

All Access

One seemingly simple consideration that can have huge impact on an indoor-outdoor room is its points of entry. A full wall of stacked-back sliding glass doors opens this room to the outdoors with virtually no transition.

Let It Flow

Traffic flow should always be one of the first elements to consider before furnishing an indoor-outdoor space. Before committing to a space plan, test several different set-ups and move about the space. Sometimes you'll find that your second or third choice ends up making the most sense.

Wining and Dining

Keep your company happy and relaxed by incorporating refrigeration into your indoor-outdoor room. Easy access to a fridge will keep guests from trekking through your house and into the kitchen. For a seamless look, keep mini fridges or wine coolers in mind when designing a wet bar or built-in bookshelf system.

Seamless Color

A great way to bridge the gap between where the outdoor space ends and the interior area begins is to use colors seen in nature for the interior decor. This pool lounge has walls covered in a pool water blue grasscloth to pick up on the languid tones seen just a few feet beyond the sliding glass doors.

Diffusing Light

When adding drapery for privacy, note that all-white fabric with white liner will create a diffused lighting effect that will help keep the room light and bright. This is also a great trick for making sure any interior colors read true to their values.

High-Traffic Fabrics

If your indoor-outdoor room is going to receive a fair share of traffic, it's best to choose low-maintenance upholstery. The armchairs of the pool lounge aren't just comfortable and pleasing to the eye, they're also very practical thanks to vinyl upholstery that looks like aged leather.

No-Fuss Flooring

High-gloss, dark flooring is probably not the best fit for an indoor-outdoor room that opens up to a yard in a house packed with busy feet. Instead, think about adding low-maintenance flooring to hide any dirt tracked in with shoes and boots. Indoor-outdoor area rugs made of polypropylene are so easy to care for that you can actually rinse them off with a garden hose.

Inclement Weather

Outdoor spaces suited for adventures like hiking or enjoying outdoor movies can quickly become off-limits with sudden weather changes. Keep guests prepared for a change of weather with an umbrella stand stocked with enough umbrellas to keep everyone dry until they get back inside.

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