Asian-Themed Small Home

This Asian-themed small white home from Kevin Keim and Adam Gates includes a sleeping loft, a Murphy-style dining table, and a stair-stepped kitchenette modeled after a Japanese Tansu chest.

Photo By: Kevin Keim

Photo By: Kevin Keim

Photo By: Kevin Keim

Photo By: Kevin Keim

Photo By: Kevin Keim

Photo By: Kevin Keim

Photo By: Kevin Keim

Photo By: Kevin Keim

Photo By: Kevin Keim

Photo By: Kevin Keim

Photo By: Kevin Keim

Photo By: Kevin Keim

Photo By: Kevin Keim

Photo By: Kevin Keim

Photo By: Kevin Keim

White Murphy Dining Table and Shelves

In this small kitchen, square footage is preserved by an ingenious Murphy table. At mealtimes, the table drops down from the wall to provide intimate seating for one or two. In an extra space-saving move, there is also hidden shelving for cups and glasses tucked into the wall.

Wood Chair and Small White Kitchen

The cabinet above this chair is actually a dining table that drops down from the wall. Fold it up and out of the way for more floor space when meal prep is underway.

White Kitchen Shelf With Glasses

This shelf's little storage nooks are the perfect fit for drinking glasses and coffee cups.

19th Century Victorian Reading Chair From London

In the entryway to this loft, Bertoia and Eames chairs are joined by a 19th-century Victorian reading chair from London. Open shelves provide handy book storage above the window and don't take up any floor space.

Overhead White Loft View With Shelves and Table

Floating shelves made of painted birch plywood fold and dip all around this loft room, providing spots for books and art.

Neutral Staircase and Bookshelf

This graceful origami-inspired staircase conveniently incorporates several small cabinets and the HVAC return air duct. The screen can be removed to change the filter.

White Tansu-Inspired Staircase-Shaped Kitchenette

This brilliantly designed kitchenette, based on a traditional Japanese Tansu chest, contains all the essentials: sink, disposal, convection microwave, refrigerator and pantry shelves. Its staircase shape also adds display potential for artwork and accessories.

Bookshelf and Asian Folk Art Statue

Platforms wind along the wall in this loft creating unusual geometric shelves and nooks to stash books and display art.

View Up Into the Loft of Small Asian-Style Home

This dynamic loft space features shelves and platforms that cantilever over the living area. The high ceiling makes the petite room seem much more spacious.

Twin Bed With TV Cabinet in Small Space

The footboard of this bed opens to reveal a television, perfect for late night (or nap time) viewing. The bed's platform is made from repurposed benches that also provide extra storage for books and pillows.

Twin Bed With Cabinet Footboard

A cabinet-turned-footboard makes this twin bed a cozy hideaway while also serving as a boundary between the sleeping area and the room's stairwell entrance.

White Asian Small Bedroom With Desk

This inviting sleeping loft can accommodate a twin or a full bed. The wall opening alongside the bed allows cool air from the AC below to filter up and keep occupants cool.

Small Closet in White Bedroom

In this tiny, but oh-so-chic sleeping loft, a small nook provided the perfect space for a closet, big enough to fit a standard suitcase, a few shelves and hanging room. A little bedside ledge makes a landing pad for a vase of flowers.

Triangular Window Detail

These adorable triangular windows swing open to let in fresh air and birdsong. Tiny screens keep out unwelcome mosquitoes!

Small Table With Multicolored Asian Sculpture

A tiny table makes a convenient desk or work area. The open structure of the room helps the space from feeling claustrophobic.

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