Modern Patio With Metal Arbor

This modern patio from Charles Debbas features black and white accents, a striking metal arbor, a cozy outdoor fireplace, and built-in planters to add visual interest to the minimalist space.

Photo By: Joe Fletcher Photography

Photo By: Joe Fletcher Photography

Photo By: Joe Fletcher Photography

Photo By: Joe Fletcher Photography

Photo By: Joe Fletcher Photography

Photo By: Joe Fletcher Photography

Photo By: Joe Fletcher Photography

Photo By: Joe Fletcher Photography

Photo By: Joe Fletcher Photography

Photo By: Joe Fletcher Photography

Photo By: Joe Fletcher Photography

Photo By: Joe Fletcher Photography

Sleek and Bold Modern Outdoor Space.

Clean, sharp lines and bold, geometric shapes create this modern outdoor space. A concrete walkway leads down to a patio with outdoor seating that boasts a sleek, modern arbor.

Well Manicured Gardens Surround Modern Patio

Well manicured gardens bring this sleek, modern patio to life and add bursts of color to the neutral, monotone space. A variety of trees, foliage, and flowers create visual interest in the minimally furnished area.

Modern Outdoor Space With Polished Concrete Stairs

Polished concrete stairs lead down to a neutral patio in this modern outdoor space. A thin metal railing accentuates the stairway's streamlined design.

Modern Patio with Slatted Metal Arbor

A slatted metal arbor provides shade in this sunny modern patio. Warm neutral tones allow the bright green foliage that surrounds the perimeter to pop.

Modern Neutral Patio with Bold Black and White Accents

Bold black and white furniture creates bold contrast against the polished, neutral patio. A black, slatted arbor complements the striking furniture for a streamlined look that is hallmark of modern design.

Neutral and Modern Patio Boasts Abundant Garden

Layers of trees and foliage bring texture into this sleek and neutral, modern patio. A towering tree provides shade for the sunny, open space.

Neutral Modern Outdoor Space with Bold Accents

Warm, neutral stone and strong, geometric shapes create this streamlined outdoor space that is hallmark of modern design. Minimal furnishings allow bold pieces, like a white, pod-shaped coffee table and slatted arbor, to make their mark.

Sleek Outdoor Seating and Fireplace in Modern Patio

A modern fireplace is reflected in a sleek, white coffee table featured in this striking patio. Black chairs add a bold contrast, while a neutral, stone tiled floor creates a uniform look.

Concrete Walkway Boasts Built-In Planters in Modern Patio

A large tree provides shade for this sunny, modern patio featuring warm, neutral tones. Small planters are built into the concrete walkway to break up the monotone look and breath and breathe a bit of life into the minimally furnished space.

Sleek Modern Patio Boasts Stunning Greenery

This lower level patio is a modern oasis perfect for entertaining or getting away from it all. Layers of foliage and trees offer privacy and add an organic element that softens strong geometric shapes in this streamlined space.

Sleek and Modern Patio Boasts Strong Geometric Design

Streamlined design and minimal furnishings create this striking modern patio. A slatted metal arbor accentuates the strong geometric shapes that are a trademark of modern design.

Greenery Fills Warm, Neutral Modern Patio

Built on a hill, this striking outdoor space emphasizes the strong geometric shapes that is a signature of modern design. Warm, neutral stone provides lovely contrast for the various greenery that surrounds the outdoor grounds.

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