Tropical Mexican Villa

This exotic Mexican villa, designed by Scott Specht and Louise Harpman, features an abundance of wood and a wealth of open spaces that take advantage of the gorgeous tropical setting.

Photo By: Taggart Sorensen

Photo By: Taggart Sorensen

Photo By: Taggart Sorensen

Photo By: Taggart Sorensen

Photo By: Taggart Sorensen

Photo By: Taggart Sorensen

Photo By: Taggart Sorensen

Photo By: Taggart Sorensen

Photo By: Taggart Sorensen

Photo By: Taggart Sorensen

Photo By: Taggart Sorensen

Photo By: Taggart Sorensen

Photo By: Taggart Sorensen

Photo By: Taggart Sorensen

Photo By: Taggart Sorensen

Photo By: Taggart Sorensen

Villa Exterior With Walkway and Palm Trees

This private villa, on a narrow lot fronting a protected bay in Tulum, Mexico, was designed to be fully self-sufficient and to immerse the occupants in the range of environments that the site offers. A narrow path brings visitors through dense vegetation to a large great room that is fully open to the beach beyond.

Brown and White Tropical Great Room With Sectional

Warm wood paneling and beautiful wood accents create an organically inspired great room that's inviting and comfortable.

Wood-Paneled Kitchen and Dining Room With Wood Table

Beautiful wood paneling wraps this dining area and kitchen in warmth and organic harmony. In the tropical setting of Tulum, Mexico, the walls can disappear to let the indoors and outdoors blend.

White Great Room With Pool Access

The home's large great room fully opens to the pool and beach beyond, demonstrating indoor outdoor living at its finest.

Swimming Pool and White, Clean-Lined Patio

Open doorways and huge terraces allow the various rooms and floors of this incredible villa to feel connected and easily accessible. The landscaping is inspired by its tropical setting in Tulum, Mexico.

White and Brown Ocean View Bedroom With Canopy Bed

This romantic second-story bedroom offers up endless ocean vistas from the balcony or inside the room. There's no wall to inhibit the view.

Wood Paneled Balcony

Casa Xixim, a stunning villa in Tulum, Mexico, is an eco-friendly, grid-tied, net-neutral house that works in harmony with its surroundings. Occupants can take in the tropical setting from numerous balconies and patios.

Neutral Ocean View Bedroom With Deck

From any of the four bedrooms in this private villa, you're treated to incredible ocean views thanks to open walls and multiple outdoor spaces. The interior takes its design cue from its natural surroundings, featuring warm wood and fresh white accents.

Second Story Bedrooms and Deck

Perched beside the beach, this beautiful home seamlessly blends indoors and outdoors with open doorways and charming balconies and decks. Its four bedrooms can be fully opened to the exterior.

Wood-Paneled Bedroom With Ladder

Gorgeous wood paneling pairs with crisp white accents to create a restful, organic atmosphere in this bedroom. A large door slides back to allow occupants easy access to an outdoor space.

White Bedroom With Sliding Shutter Doors

Sliding wooden doors roll back to provide this serene bedroom with access to an outdoor retreat complete with hammock. When privacy is desired, they roll back in place. The shutters make sure there's always a breeze.

White Bedroom With Two Canopy Beds

Casa Xixim, a luxurious private villa in Tulum, Mexico, works harmoniously with its surroundings. Seen here is one of the home's four bedrooms. Walls melt away to mesh the indoor and outdoor spaces with ease and grace.

Tropical Outdoor Area With Hammock

This gorgeous beach home offers numerous outdoor retreats. Grab a book and a hammock and let the afternoon disappear.

Beachfront Balcony With White Chair

Beautiful hardwood decking and panels create a warm, organic environment on this balcony which opens up to gorgeous ocean views.

Beachfront Villa With Deck and Pool

Although this villa is set on a narrow lot, it makes the most of its square footage by creatively carving out multiple outdoor spaces on several levels. Roof areas are planted with native species that provide insulation and screening.

Rooftop Terrace and Pool With Lounge Chairs

This eco-friendly villa in Tulum, Mexico includes a rooftop terrace that collects rainwater that is filtered and stored for use. A secret stone path leads between the palm trees down to the beach.

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