Sleek Suite With a View

Designer Nathalie Milazzo streamlines the design of this spacious, modern master suite where a breathtaking view of the city skyline takes center stage.

Photo By: Nathalie Milazzo

Photo By: Nathalie Milazzo

Photo By: Nathalie Milazzo

Photo By: Nathalie Milazzo

Photo By: Nathalie Milazzo

Photo By: Nathalie Milazzo

Gray Contemporary Urban Bedroom With Wraparound Windows

No point being perched on top of the city if you can't take in the views. Happily this contemporary bedroom features floor-to-ceiling windows that wrap around the space.

Neutral Freestanding Tub and Master Bedroom

This incredible master suite features an interior glass wall that leads to the spa bathroom. Step into the freestanding tub after a long day and get lost in the amazing views.

Gray Modern Bathroom With Frosted Glass Shower

Pale gray walls and a frosted glass walk-in shower let the main attraction of this sleek bathroom be the gorgeous hardwood floor. Wide beams show off the varied grain and color of the wood.

Rustic Walk-In Closet With Skyline View

Wood cabinets and textured hardwood floors add a rustic feel to this walk-in closet with a view. A mix of hanging rods on different levels, open shelves and large drawers make the storage options endless.

Contemporary Apartment Bedroom With Two Window Walls

One wall of this sleek contemporary bedroom frames in stunning city views. Another features floor-to-ceiling glass looking into the apartment's living room below.

Metallic Art Deco Living Room With High Ceiling

Breathtakingly dramatic, this luxurious apartment uses soaring ceilings and a wall of windows to make the most of its urban setting. Sheer curtains highlight the height of the room and the orb-shaped chandelier also draws the eye up.

White Contemporary Living Room With Glass Coffee Table

Low-scale furniture makes this spacious living room seem even more grand in scale with its sky-high ceiling. A white, metallic and pale gray color scheme continue the light, open feel.

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