Stained Glass in Great Room

This modern white kitchen, dining area and living room combo from Linc Thelen features a tall gray fireplace as well as a large cathedral-style stained glass window in the kitchen.

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Photo By: Jim Tschetter

Modern White Great Room With Stained Glass Windows

Is it a cathedral or a kitchen? A crisply modern aesthetic pairs with sky-high ceilings and arched stained glass windows in this incredible room that includes a kitchen, dining and lounge area.

White Modern Great Room With Stained Glass Window

Kitchen, dining and living areas breezily connect in this incredible cathedral-like great room. The soaring ceiling is broken up by the exposed wood beams and vertical lines of the pendant lights above the island.

White Open Plan Modern Kitchen With Pendants

This streamlined kitchen creates a dynamic play of vertical and horizontal lines. The narrow workspace and long counters are juxtaposed with the pendant lights, stained glass window frame and bars of the nearby door.

White Modern Open Plan Kitchen With Vaulted Ceiling

Dark accents unify this soaring open plan space from the wood beams in the vaulted ceiling to the window frame down to the black barstools. The pendant lights literally and visually help draw a connecting line from top to bottom.

White Modern Kitchen With Stained Glass Window

The simple black-and-white color scheme of this open plan kitchen draws full attention to the stunning golden stained glass windows. The high ceilings enhance the airy, cathedral-like feel.

White Modern Dining Room With Stained Glass Window

In the dining room, the green and gold stained glass window becomes the main attraction in a simple setting of white walls and furnishings.

White Modern Great Room With Gray Fireplace

Pops of gold and accents with unusual shapes and textures give dimension and visual interest to this vast great room. The light-colored hardwood floor maintains the airy feeling throughout the space.

White Modern Living Room With Gray Fireplace

Painting the fireplace and chimney a dark gray helps pull the eye up through this vast airy living room. The crowning glory is the starburst pendant lights twinkling overhead.

Gray and White Modern Living Room With Firewood

This modern living room turns its firewood storage into an eye-catching part of the decor! The dark gray of the wall helps the color and texture of the stacked wood pop.

Black and White Modern Living Room With Fireplace

This living room punctuates a light, airy interior with black accents like the fireplace and rug. The simple color palette allows for the stunning stained glass, cathedral-like windows to take center stage.

Urban Foyer With Stained Glass Windows

A refurbished pew at the top of the entryway stairs is a cute nod to this gorgeous home's cathedral-like architecture, enhanced by beautiful yellow and green stained-glass windows.

Contemporary Wood Stairs and Glass Railing

Pale hardwood floors and a glass railing along the upper level make this tucked-away stairwell feel airy and light instead of dark and cramped.

Black and White Contemporary Powder Room

Black and white powder room with fringe wallpaper? Yes, please. The graphic tile floor is the perfect punctuation to this whimsical space.

Urban Living Area With Arched Windows

The designers showed off the architectural bones of this beautiful cathedral-like building by keeping furnishings simple and elegant. A clear floor on the upper level maintains the soaring feel of the space by letting occupants see all the way through the structure.

Neutral Urban Living Room With Leather Sofa

This super chic living room mixes rustic elements (the cow hide rug and brown leather sofa) with urban edge and results in a room that's both cool and comfortable. Instead of closing off the space with a ceiling, occupants can see past the exposed wood beams up into the level above.

White Contemporary Bedroom With Stained Glass Windows

The interior decor of this bedroom plays off the beautiful stained glass windows for its color palette. A fun graphic pattern rug makes a splash underfoot in blues, yellow, white and gray. And a navy blue upholstered bed anchors the space with its neat, tailored lines.

White Spa Bathroom With Stained Glass Window

Now that's a sanctuary! A gold and green stained glass window reigns supreme in this breathtaking bathroom above the luxurious soaking tub.
From: Linc Thelen Design and Linc Thelen Design

White Spa Bathroom With Marble Shower

In this bathroom, the creamy marble shower and backsplash take on rich depth in contrast to the flat white cabinets and countertop of the vanity.

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