A Colonial Home for All Seasons

Susana Simonpietri took a beautiful Colonial home and made it a celebration of the seasons, with rooms drawing inspiration from spring, summer, fall and winter.

Classic Colonial Home

Change & Co. specifically designed this home to be a celebration of all the seasons and the ensuing changes that the five-acre lawn undergoes throughout the year. 

Traditional White Colonial House Entrance

This white Colonial house makes quite a strong first impression thanks to a striking black front door and tree-shaded five-acre lot.

Transitional White Foyer

This Colonial-style house's foyer features a long hallway that leads to the heart of the home. The white palette keeps the space neutral and feeling open.

Cheerful, Welcoming Foyer

Leaving the canvas white allowed this foyer to be a transitional one, which celebrates summer and winter.

White Hand-Shaped Stools in Entryway

Two hand-shaped stools serve as both a focal point and a fun place to sit in this Colonial home's entryway.

Stairway With Unique Gallery Wall

Designer Susana Simonpietri added visual interest to this stairway by turning a traditional gallery wall into something unique by replacing pictures with shoes.

Unique Stairway Gallery Wall

Vintage shoe forms are given new life as a gallery wall in this Colonial home, creating a truly unique focal point.

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