Bachelor Pad Turned Modern Home

An engaged couple needed help turning a bachelor pad into a shared home. Cavin and Claire Costello crafted a design that not only melded and reflected their clients' unique, outgoing and artistic personalities, but that addressed their need for a truly secure abode without sacrificing domesticity.

Photo By: Jason Roehner/HRM

Photo By: Jason Roehner/HRM

Photo By: The Ranch Mine

Photo By: Jason Roehner/HRM

Photo By: Jason Roehner/HRM

Photo By: The Ranch Mine

Photo By: Jason Roehner/HRM

Photo By: Jason Roehner/HRM

Photo By: Jason Roehner/HRM

Photo By: The Ranch Mine

Photo By: Jason Roehner/HRM

Neutral Urban Great Room With Concrete Floor

A huge airport hanger-like building is transformed into a stylish party pad with urban industrial-chic design strokes. An open kitchen and dining area offer easy entertaining potential. Pops of color throughout the space add life and energy.

Urban Multicolored Living Room With Neon Lights

White partition walls and a pink roof carve a chic shoebox living room out of this enormous loft space. Neon lights under the platform floor frame it in from underneath with industrial cool.

Bright, Modern Living Room With Colorful Accents

Vibrant pops of pink, green and orange are unexpected touches in this industrial modern living room. Black and white furnishings ground the space, while a pop of pink wows in the exposed beams above.

Urban Great Room With Pink Fireplace

Yes, you could land a plane in this enormous great room. You could also whip up appetizers in the open plan kitchen, host a dinner party or cozy up by the pink fireplace.

Neutral Urban Industrial Kitchen With Pink Barstools

This lofty urban kitchen pairs industrial edge with colorful whimsy. Bright pinks and orange pop out from the barstools. Light wood cabinets bring a hint of natural warmth to the space.

Bright Pink Fireplace in Industrial Modern Dining Room

A bright pink fireplace is the focal point of this modern dining room. A light wood dining table pairs with a matching wood bench and sleek metal armchairs. Concrete floors and gray tile walls complete the industrial look of the space.

Neutral Urban Open Plan Kitchen and Dining Area

In this open plan kitchen and dining area, natural features like the wood paneled ceiling add warmth while industrial details like the polished concrete floor bring urban edge.

Black and White Modern Bathroom With Neon Blue Light

A blue neon light infuses this modern bathroom with a cool urban glow. Crisp, clean lines and zero frills add to the chic industrial feel.

Green and Gray Asian Double Vanity Bathroom With Straw Mat

This Asian-inspired bathroom layers geometric shapes such as the mirror, rectangular floating sinks and the shower tile for a compelling, multi-dimensional visual effect. The lime green and gray palette is soothing without being boring.

Contemporary Shower Features Yellow Tile Accent Wall

Rectangular white tiles pair with a cheery yellow tile wall in this contemporary shower. A built-in wood bench offers a place to sit and relax after a long day's work.

Neutral Asian Double Vanity Bathroom With Orange Mat

Warm neutrals and crisp whites make a fresh yet soothing atmosphere in this Asian-inspired bathroom.

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