Neutral Transitional Apartment

A neutral palette, rich fabrics and classic, elegant furnishings throughout create a cohesive design in this spacious, light-filled apartment by Kim Scodro.

Photo By: Werner Straube

Photo By: Werner Straube

Photo By: Werner Straube

Photo By: Werner Straube

Photo By: Werner Straube

Photo By: Werner Straube

Photo By: Werner Straube

Photo By: Werner Straube

Photo By: Werner Straube

Photo By: Werner Straube

Photo By: Werner Straube

Entryway With Functional Dresser and Elegant Accessories

The entryway to this home needed to be both elegant and functional, so the designers incorporated pieces that would complement each other. The custom-made silver cabinet offers storage for small items, while the black-and-white artwork above supports the home's neutral color palette. The two items are tied together with fresh flowers that add muted color to the space.

Open-Concept Kitchen With Custom Cabinets and Large Island

Before the renovation the kitchen was small and did not have enough room for the six family members to move around easily, so the space was opened up. An island was installed that is large enough for the whole family to gather for a casual meal. The space was upgraded with custom cabinetry, while the neutral palette gives it a sophisticated elegance.

Gray and White Wallpapered Dining Room

In the dining room, the homeowners wanted a design that would complement the china they used while entertaining, so the designers used wallpaper to give the space a touch of glamour. The striped curtains match the ones in the living room, while the elegant chairs and chandelier give the room a classic look.

Stylish Masculine Family Room

This room was intended to be a space for Dad, created with his input. The design is a bit more masculine, but its style fits in with the rest of the home. The neutral palette is used throughout the home, but the designers used darker, warmer shades for the furniture in this space.

Neutral Living Room With Striped Curtains

This room is the first one you see upon entering the house, so it has to make an impression. To give the space a fresh look, the designers used a monochromatic palette. Everything from the paint on the walls to the chairs and rug look clean and elegant, while the striped draperies add depth to the room.

Neutral Living Room With Unique Textured Fabrics

After guests have passed through the entryway, this stunning living room is their first view of the house. While the space is simple, it has unique features that give it elegance and style. The designers selected different textures of fabric to add depth to this space. The light linen sofa is nicely juxtaposed with the heavily textured side chairs, and the patterned curtains add a touch of personality. All of these fabrics work together to create a simple, unique design.

Conversation Corner With Gray and Yellow Bench

Across the living room there is a quiet corner that is perfect for conversation. A bench is situated just below a mirror which is positioned to highlight the beautiful artwork that hangs on the opposite wall.

Console Table and Chair in Neutral Living Room

In this corner of the living room hangs a piece of art that holds special significance for the family. Although not a particularly famous piece, the work has been in this family for three generations. The designers replaced the frame and matte to better complement the artwork. They then added a console and chair to ground the piece without taking away from it. The fresh flowers on the console help to make the colors of the painting pop.

Neutral Master Bedroom With Elegant Chandelier

These parents of three wanted a peaceful retreat to where they could escape, but also wanted a space that could stand up to their children and family movie night. The neutral room's bed has a padded, tufted headboard, while the chandelier hanging from the ceiling gives the space a touch of elegance.

Neutral Master Suite With Private Sitting Room

The homeowners wanted a space that would be a relaxing getaway from their everyday lives, so the designers created a sitting room in the master suite. It's a private, simple space with elegant furniture, a perfect place to have coffee in the morning or a nightcap in the evening.

Clean, Elegant Master Bathroom

This master bathroom got a complete redesign to make the space feel clean and fresh. This family is always on the go, so they wanted their bathroom to be uncluttered. With plenty of storage, everything has a place, while a silver antique bench and classic lighting add warmth and elegance.

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