Eclectic Powder Room

Designer Isla Schmidt injects a big dose of style into this small space with graphic black-and-white wallpaper that's reminiscent of cut agate or malachite.

Photo By: Tomer Benyehuda

Photo By: Tomer Benyehuda

Photo By: Tomer Benyehuda

Eclectic Powder Room With Striking Wallpaper

A jolt of color and pattern goes a long way in this small powder room, where crisp beadboard and a dainty vanity are offset by contemporary artwork and bold wallpaper.

Illuminated Vanity Mirror & Wall-Mounted Faucet

The wall-mounted faucet and illuminated vanity mirror are unexpected twists above the converted antique vanity, giving this small space a big personality.

Black and White Malachite Wallpaper

Used on the upper half of the wall, black and white malachite-inspired wallpaper injects the bathroom with a hint of glamor and eye-catching pattern.

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