Living Large in Small Spaces: Little Lakefront Cottage

A spacious upstairs loft makes it easy to host guests at this small lakefront cottage. With its own kitchenette and dining area, the loft provides privacy for guests and hosts. The charming home features a blue front door, two-car garage and an upstairs balcony.

From: Lisa Furey

Photo By: John McManus

Photo By: John McManus

Photo By: John McManus

Photo By: John McManus

Photo By: John McManus

Photo By: John McManus

Photo By: John McManus

Photo By: John McManus

Photo By: John McManus

Photo By: John McManus

Photo By: John McManus

Photo By: John McManus

Photo By: John McManus

Photo By: John McManus

Photo By: John McManus

Small, Lakefront Cottage

Nestled just off the lake, this small cottage has the charming, peaceful feel of front porch living with all the conveniences of the modern world.

Small, Quaint Cottages with Beautiful View of Sunrises and Sunsets

The sunrises and sunsets at these quaint, beautiful cottages create a view that is simply spectacular with the feel of getting lost in a simpler time with all the modern amenities.

Lakeside Cottage with Two Car Garage

The two car garage at the front of this lakeside cottage gives the family a safe space to park their cars and a private entrance to the home.

Weather Vane Adds Charm to Lake House Design

The weathervane on the roof of this home helps to add a touch of charm to its design.

Blue Door and Runner Add Pop to Lake House Entry

To give the home's entrance a bit of pizzaz, designers painted the door blue and had a matching runner installed on the stairs.

Upstairs Loft with Kitchenette

The upstairs loft bedroom has access to its own kitchenette, making this space private.

Loft Space with Stair Access

A set of stairs on the other side of the kitchenette gives the loft guest space access to the rest of the home.

Functional, Loft Guest Bedroom

The small cottage lake house boasts a loft guest space that houses two twin beds, plenty of built-in storage, access to a kitchenette, a dining table, a desk and a dresser. To fit all of this functionality into the private space without making it feel cluttered, designers exposed the high ceilings and used an elegant, neutral color palette.

Guest Room with Patio Access

In the home's loft, a guest room has access to the patio that overlooks the lake.

Modern Desk in Guest Bedroom

A modern desk finds its home in front of the guest room's double windows. This gives whomever is utilizing this space plenty of natural light to work with.

French Doors Give the Guest Room Natural Light and a View

Beautiful French doors open onto the patio from the loft guest room. These doors allow in plenty of natural light that can be controlled with the space's light, airy curtains; they also give way to a lovely lake view.

Vintage Paintings Add Warmth and Charm to Master Bedroom

To help warm the master bedroom and give the space some rustic charm, designers hung warm, vintage paintings on the walls, adding personality.

Built-In Armoires Add Storage to the Master Bedroom

On the main floor of this quaint lake house, built-in armoires give the master bedroom space plenty of storage.

Built-In Armoires with Fold Down Desk

To add a functional "office" space in this small cottage, one of the armoires has a cabinet that folds down to create a desk for the owners.

Blue and White Toile Vessel Sink in Neutral Master Bathroom

In the master bathroom, a vessel sink with a blue and white toile pattern adds vintage charm to the soft space.

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