Kid-Tastic Spaces: Girl's Bedroom With Posh Patterns

Pops of pink and playful pattern define this girl's room, which was designed to grow along with her. Previously wasted space was given new life and converted into a cozy window seat for reading, while art and statement pieces like the chandelier add a sophisticated touch.

Photo By: Catherine Truman

Photo By: Catherine Truman

Photo By: Catherine Truman

Photo By: Catherine Truman

Photo By: Catherine Truman

Photo By: Catherine Truman

Photo By: Catherine Truman

Big Girl Room That Feels Collected

The homeowner wanted a retreat for the couple's eight year old whose room needed a "big girl" upgrade, so designers created a space where an eight year old would be perfectly comfortable, but could easily transition for an older girl with only a few minor tweaks. To achieve this, designers created a focal wall with watercolor floral wallpaper, then, they mixed fun, unexpected bedding and fabrics to add visual interest to help the room feel as if it has been collected over time.

Mix of Color, Texture and Style Creates a Unique Girl's Room

Designers wanted to create a kid's room that wasn't so matched, the way that many kids' rooms are, so they took care to choose unique items that mixed color, texture and style to create this space that can easily transition with the homeowners' daughter as she grows.

Custom Night Stands in Big Girl Bedroom

On either side of the bed, custom nightstands add some depth and contrast to the focal wall.

Blue and White Floral Wallpaper Accent Wall

Designers wanted to create a space that could grow with its eight year old owner, so they chose to create a focal point with blue and white watercolor flower wallpaper. This choice is whimsical enough for a child, but is sophisticated enough to appeal to a young lady.

Reading Nook Under Large Window

Designers took advantage of the previously wasted space under the window and added a cozy nook.

Timeless Furniture in Big Girl Room

To create a space that would grow with its owner, designers chose furniture pieces that were both classic and fun. Each piece of furniture adds a vintage touch to the space that is sweet enough for a little girl, but also mature enough for a young woman.

Funky Pieces Mix with Sophisticated Accents

For decorations designers chose a mixture of funky, youthful pieces and more sophisticated, classic pieces to complete this little girl's room. The funkier pieces are smaller so that they can be easily changed out as she grows. The larger pieces were chosen to give the room the ability to "grow up" with her.

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