Crazy for Color: Stylish Home With Bursts of Orange

With rich gray hues across the board, this contemporary home adds visual interest through bursts of color. A vibrant blue rug complements the orange chairs and ottoman in the living room, blue lamps add life to the gray foyer, and a deep blue rug and bed add depth and warmth to the master bedroom.

Photo By: Patrick Cline

Photo By: Patrick Cline

Photo By: Patrick Cline

Photo By: Patrick Cline

Photo By: Patrick Cline

Photo By: Patrick Cline

Photo By: Patrick Cline

Photo By: Patrick Cline

Photo By: Patrick Cline

Photo By: Patrick Cline

Photo By: Patrick Cline

Photo By: Patrick Cline

Contemporary Family Room With Blue Rug

This family room uses its neutral walls and sofa as a foundation on top of which to layer exciting colors like royal blue and orange in a bold mix of patterns.

Four Blue Armchairs and Fireplace

Four sky-blue armchairs create a balanced look in this chic dining room, especially as their graceful curve is mimicked by the round coffee table. A thin animal skin rug underfoot is a welcome contrast to the heft of the chairs.

Fireplace and Blue Armchair

A mantel is prime display space. This one hangs a mirror on the wall and leans artwork against it, for a layered look. Urns on either side balance out the arrangement. The whole room is lifted by a vibrant patterned throw and pillow.

Foyer With Zebra Stools

A simple enough foyer takes on zippy personality with a pair of zebra-stripe stools. The white rug is a nice complement nearby, a graphic pattern to match the stools' punch but in a single color so as not to be too busy.

Gray and White Contemporary Dining Room With Flowers

This sophisticated dining room knows how to pair patterns: First, keep them in the same color scheme (here it's gray and white). Next, choose prints in different scales: a big, airy diamond-pattern for the rug, a more elaborate smaller-scale design for the curtains.

Contemporary Dining Room With Gray Rug

In this dining room, putting bright white wainscoting on the bottom half of the walls lightens the look of the entire room and helps to unify the different patterns and colors.

Foyer With Blue Lamps and Rug

The foyer is the first place guests and residents see, so a pair of brilliant blue lamps instantly lifts the heart.

Seating Area With Blue Armchair

Surprising color combinations can infuse a room with dimension and personality. Here, a slim-lined turquoise armchair offsets the chunky texture of the orange and black rug.

Gray Contemporary Bedroom With Blue Bed Linens

In an intimate space like a bedroom, dark colors on the walls can be a welcoming choice, making the space feel cozy and unusual. Here, gray is contrasted with a white ceiling and crown molding, a look as crisp as hospital corners on a bed.

Velvet Bed in Master Bedroom

This bed takes comfort in a sophisticated new direction with a velvet headboard in one color—gunmetal gray—and a base in another: cool blue. Twin white table lamps balance out the mix of shades.

Gray Contemporary Bedroom With Blue Rug

Shades of blue add depth and warmth to the cool gray-and-white walls of this handsome master bedroom. The glass chandelier is an ethereal touch overhead.

Yellow and Black Powder Room With Wallpaper

Fall for a dramatic wallpaper? Try it in a small space for maximum impact, as seen in this powder room. The bottom half of the room uses simple black beadboard as a serene anchor.

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