Countryside Escapes: Sleek + Sophisticated Wyoming Home

A stone-clad exterior and a low profile ensure that this contemporary ranch house in Jackson, Wyo. complements its environment. Walls of windows help bring the outdoors and provide spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, while an open floor plan beautifully maximizes living space.

Photo By: Grace Home Design

Photo By: Gibeon Photography

Photo By: Grace Home Design

Photo By: Gibeon Photography

Photo By: Gibeon Photography

Photo By: Gibeon Photography

Photo By: Gibeon Photography

Photo By: Gibeon Photography

Photo By: Gibeon Photography

Photo By: Gibeon Photography

Photo By: Gibeon Photography

Photo By: Gibeon Photography

Photo By: Grace Home Design

Photo By: Grace Home Design

Modern Ranch Home and Sky

This ranch home is a remarkable mix of modern and rustic architecture. Huge windows bring in sweeping vistas of sky and land and the house blends harmoniously with its amazing surroundings.

Modern Foyer With Red Rug

It's a like a magic trick: This foyer's neutral paneling and white walls instantly wake up with the addition of the fun patterned red rug.

Dining Room With Wood Paneling and View

Stone walls and wood paneling give rustic friendliness to this dining room, but its sleek furnishings make the space feel so sophisticated. Walls of windows connect the interior to its incredible surroundings.

Modern Dining Room With Wood Paneling

Floor-to-ceiling windows open this sophisticated dining room up to the adjacent porch and sweeping views beyond. The wood paneling makes a warm atmosphere heightened by the glass globe pendants that seem to float above the table.

White Modern Kitchen With Paneling

The peaceful, open style in this kitchen beautifully complements its serene setting, on display through numerous windows. Wood floors and ceiling paneling warm up the cool gray-and-white palette.

White Modern Chef Kitchen With Black Pendant

The airy brightness of this kitchen's white upper cabinets is warmed up by the wood floors and ceiling and the natural wood lower cabinets. A slim black pendant light is a crisp accent in the center of the room.

Neutral Living Room With Mountain View

The sparse, simple furnishings in the living room direct all eyes toward the amazing landscapes beyond the windows. Sliding doors connect the space with the adjacent porch.

Contemporary Dining Area With Window Wall

Two stories worth of windows and a staircase that seems to float to the upper level makes this dining area feel as light as air. Dining chairs in a checked print are a cheeky nod to the home's countryside setting.

Contemporary Dining Room With Bunny Art

The big windows and sky high ceilings in this dining area make wild style ideas possible: checked dining chairs, oversized artwork full of bunnies, a furry armchair all look right at home.

Elevator With Bunny Art

In this wild elevator, the bunnies are what's up, doc. Depictions in all colors fill the walls.

White Contemporary Bedroom With Meadow View

This gorgeous bedroom seems to sit in the meadow, thanks to walls full of windows, a vaulted ceiling and simple, mostly white furnishings. Wood floors and a paneled ceiling warm up the space.

White Modern Bathroom With Yellow Flowers

Unusual cabinet and drawer pulls and a bright pop of a single color give this simple bathroom personality. The large mirror helps it feel bigger than it is.

Porch and Interior With Glass Wall

Glass walls disappear to connect interior rooms with the patio that stretches all along this home's outer edge. The ceiling's wood paneling visually joins the two spaces, making the difference between indoors and out even more seamless.

Patio With Chaises and Meadow View

Wide open skies take on all new meaning on this spectacular patio. Velvety grass meadows roll out as far as the eye can see. Take a seat on a chaise and enjoy nature's show.

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