Big City Digs: Art Deco Pied-a-Terre in NYC

With a nod to New York City's iconic Chrysler Building, Allison Lind infuses Art Deco style into this Manhattan apartment that serves as an American pied-a-terre for a British family.

From: Allison Lind

Photo By: Regan Wood

Photo By: Regan Wood

Photo By: Regan Wood

Photo By: Regan Wood

Photo By: Regan Wood

Photo By: Regan Wood

Photo By: Regan Wood

Photo By: Regan Wood

Photo By: Regan Wood

Photo By: Regan Wood

Photo By: Regan Wood

Photo By: Regan Wood

Photo By: Regan Wood

Photo By: Regan Wood

Photo By: Regan Wood

Photo By: Regan Wood

Photo By: Regan Wood

White Living Room With City View

A curved wall sets off this apartment's city view in spectacular style. The seating in white and a glass coffee table don't distract from the vistas.

Living Room With View of Chrysler Building

Rectangular strips of window become the perfect frame for a view of New York City's Chrysler Building. Fun pops of color like the turquoise bench energize the scene indoors.

Art Deco Cabinet and Gold Wallpaper

A basic cabinet plus mirror tableau looks anything but given that the furnishings are stunning vintage finds and the backdrop is shimmery gold wallpaper.

Blue Art Deco Foyer With Blue Rug

In a city apartment, there's often not a lot of room for a real foyer. No worries! Here, a gorgeous wood table, colorful, graphic rug and a cool Art Deco mirror make a stylish entrance.

Art Deco Mirror and Wood Table

An Art Deco mirror looks right at home in this hallway paired with an exotic wood table and eclectic mix of accessories.

Gold Foyer and Living Room With Dragon Wallpaper

Golden wallpaper decorated with dragons and geometric mirrors make a big design splash in this urban home. The wood flooring is the perfect neutral backdrop for the rich textures and patterns.

Gold Dragon Wallpaper and White Sofa

Golden wallpaper bedecked with dragons makes an dramatic style statement in this living room; the pale color keeps the overall mood serene and elegant.

Gold Art Deco Living Room With Dragon Wallpaper

Enter this apartment through a narrow, short hallway; the pale blue walls and geometric rug make a dynamic first impression. The hall opens up into a chic, neutral living room where gold wallpaper in a mix of cool prints make the space anything but basic.

Gold Dining Area With City View

Shimmery pale gold wallpaper, a chandelier with glass globes and a light-colored wood floor match the mood of the sky-high view outside this apartment's window. The darker wood dining table and cabinet help ground the space.

Wood Cabinet and Art Deco Wallpaper

This handsome wood cabinet is beautifully showcased against a backdrop of metallic Art Deco wallpaper. The mirror and sconces perfectly complement the retro style.

Blue Art Deco Sitting Room With Peacock Rug

Lime green and turquoise are a dynamic duo in this sitting room, waking up the space with rich color and energy. The peacock feather rug pulls the bold hues together.

Turquoise Art Deco Sitting Room With Blue Sofa

Lift and lighten the energy of a rich, dark color with accents in a brighter shade. Here, the turquoise backdrop gets zing from yellow-green pillows and golden floating shelves.

Purple Contemporary Bedroom With Gold Bed

In a smaller bedroom, a dramatic color can have the cool effect of making the space feel cozier. Eggplant purple coats the walls and ceiling in this apartment bedroom with surprisingly intimate results.

Purple Art Deco Bedroom With Mirror

A deep purple bedroom? Heavenly! This one adds depth to the color palette with a textured wallcovering and accents in gold and blue.

Black Nightstand and Gold Velvet Bed

In a riot of rich color, black can have a grounding effect. Here, the color does well for a nightstand and sconce in a bedroom with purple walls and a gold velvet bed.

Desk in Purple Bedroom With City View

In this bedroom, a desk takes up prime position in front of the windows meaning inspiration is only a gaze away.

Blue Dresser and Art Deco Poster

Rich jewel tones wash this bedroom in luxury, punctuated by vintage Art Deco posters and metallic accents.

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