Unique Spaces: Multifunctional Family Room

Once a dark and confining basement, this downstairs space has been transformed by the Finished Basement Company into a bright family room that bursts with activity. A stocked wine cellar, pool table, gym and lounge give the residents many ways to entertain guests. 

Photo By: Jon Eady Photography

Photo By: Jon Eady Photography

Photo By: Jon Eady Photography

Photo By: Jon Eady Photography

Photo By: Jon Eady Photography

Photo By: Jon Eady Photography

Photo By: Jon Eady Photography

Photo By: Jon Eady Photography

Modern Basement with Small Bar Area

To serve the family's entertaining needs, designers added a walk-up bar in the billiard area. In the corner of the space, a rustic, elegant wine rack displays refreshment choices, while a mini-fridge, sink and storage spaces make this small bar area complete and accessible.

Open Staircase Creates an Open, Connected Space

To create a more open space, designers knocked out the wall leading down the stairs, creating a full view of the basement from the staircase. This allows the basement to feel more open and gives a clear line of sight from one end of the room to the other.

Open Basement Allows for Several Activity Options While Still Remaining Connected

At the opposite end of this family's basement, a recreation area contains a pool table, above which is an elegant, modern chandelier. This gives the family three different options for activities while still remaining connected to each other in their basement space: working out, relaxing and watching tv or playing pool.

Sconces Add Additional Light to Create Bright, Open Basement

Homeowners wanted a light, open space in their family's basement, so designers opted for a neutral color palette to make the space feel bright. On the opposite wall from the couches, designers created an inset for the large, flat-screen TV to create depth in the space, while on either side of the television, flat, modern sconces add additional light. Dark wood shelving in the corner optimizes storage space, while dark wood panels behind the sconces project light and a dark wood bench provides additional seating.

Glass Wall Keeps Weight Room Separate from the Rest of the Basement

The state of the art modern weight room is separated from the rest of the basement by glass panels and a sliding glass barn door. This allows the spaces to be visually connected, while giving the gym a measure of privacy and keeping the spaces physically separated.

Fully Equipped Home Gym in Modern Basement

The home gym, which is separated from the rest of the basement by a glass wall with a glass barn door, is equipped with anything a workout guru might need. From a place to store yoga mats to a weight rack to a rock climbing wall, this state of the art space is perfect for exercise.

Shelves Open to Reveal Closet Storage

To accommodate the homeowners' desire for storage, designers created a set of doors that would open to reveal a closet, but would also give extra storage space to the gym area.

Basement Gym is Full of Luxury Amenities

This cool workout space is separated from the living space by a glass partition and contains lots of luxury features, such as a rock climbing wall, an elliptical machine and weight machines. Large bay windows allow light in to the space, keeping it bright and open.

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