Clever Storage Valance

Display a child's favorite collectibles and dress the windows with this clever valance.


Materials and Tools:

4'x8'x3/4" LDF (light density fiberboard)
curtain rod
8' crown molding
wood glue
1-1/2" finish nails
3" wood screws
circular saw and/or table saw
hammer and/or nail gun
stud finder


1. Measure your window's width and the distance from the top of the window to the ceiling.

2. Determine the width and depth of your shelf based on the collectibles you will be storing there. For this project the shelf is 5' and 10" wide by 5-3/4" deep. Now add 4" to each side (minus 3/4" for the thickness of the LDF) that creates the thickness around the edge of the shadow box. This gives you the dimensions for pieces 'A' and 'C' (5-3/4" x 5'-8 1/2").

3. At the same width, cut out two pieces (B) at desired height. For this project a height of 10-1/2" and depth of 5-3/4". These two pieces along with 'A' and 'C', (cut in the step above) create the inside of the shadow box. A corresponding back needs to be cut at 5'-8 1/2" by 1'-0" for this project. (The height is calculated by adding 1-1/2" to your desired shelf height. The 1-1/2" accounts for the width of the LDF.)

4. Glue the edges of the boards and nail to match the diagram. While the glue is drying you can begin construction of the face for your shadow box.

5. The face of the shadow box is made of four pieces on the front that create a frame for the box and one additional piece for each side. The sides (labeled sides) need to be cut at 1'-11 1/2" x 6 1/2" and attached first. Just like the step above attach with wood glue and finish nails.

6. Now cut and apply the face of the shadow box. Two side frames (B) are cut at the same dimension, 10 1/2" x 4" and attached with glue and finish nails.

7. The top and bottom pieces of the frame (A and C) are two different heights because part of the top frame will be covered by the crown molding. (A) is 5'-10" x 8", (C) is 5'-10" x 5". Once these are cut attach with wood glue and finish nails.

8. When glue has set on entire piece fill all nail holes and cracks with wood filler, let dry and sand. Repeat as necessary. If your room is square you may want to apply crown molding around top edge at this point. If you know that the room is not completely square install crown molding after shelf is hung to help hide any imperfections in the room.

9. Prime entire project, including crown molding and paint desired color.

10. Screw shelf into place with 3" wood screws being careful to hit studs.

11. Apply crown molding at this point if not installed already.

12. Use extra paint to cover screw head and touch up any damage that may have been done during installation.

13. Finally install curtain rod to wall according to manufacturer's instructions.

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