Wall Art That Pops

Sometimes all it takes is a well-chosen, bold piece of art to turn a boring room into something extraordinary. The experts at HGTV.com share seven examples of wall art that take rooms to the next level.

Black-and-White Delight

A black-and-white color palette is echoed in an arresting photo of galloping zebras. Photo courtesy of Taylor King Furniture.

Color Me Glad

This painting adds a welcome splash of color to an otherwise monochromatic sitting area. Photo courtesy of Bentley Publishing.

Padded Walls

Metallic butterflies and fabric-covered rectangles prove that fabulous art is more than paintings. Photo courtesy of Revco International.

Seeing Red

A collection of modern pop art spices up a sparse sitting area. Photo courtesy of Bentley Publishing.


Who said artwork has to be framed? This finished painting looks great positioned on its original easel. Photo courtesy of Aspen Home.

Spare Seating

Tired household objects get a new lease on life when used as art. Check out these multi-colored folding chairs. Photo courtesy of Taylor King Furniture.

Oh, Deer

Rigid modern lines are softened with artwork inspired by the gentle creatures of the forest. Photo courtesy of Bentley Publishing.

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