Creative Candle Centerpieces

A candle centerpiece is a budget-friendly way to add a beautiful visual to any room. Get ideas for your own home with these photos.

Group of Three

Group together three oversized candles to create a budget-friendly centerpiece in a living room.
From: Erinn Valencich

Elegant Touch

Candlesticks add an extra touch of elegance to this table setting.

A Great Visual

Differently sized candleholders create a great visual.

Candle Fixture

A simple candle fixture is all you need to add to this modern-style kitchen.

White Candleholder

A white candleholder at the center of this dining room table complements the dark table.

A Silver Sparkle

These silver candlesticks add some sparkle to an all-white living room.

Silver Beauty

A line of silver candleholders goes with any style and color room.

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