Create Letter Pillows From Knit Sweaters

Personalize beds, chairs and sofas with one-of-a-kind letter pillows that spell names or phrases.


Materials Needed:

  • knit sweaters
  • craft paper
  • pencil
  • chalk
  • scissors
  • needle
  • thread
  • iron-on adhesive tape
  • iron
  • batting
  • straightedge or cardboard

Choose Sweaters

To start this project, gather a collection of sweaters in a chosen color palette.


Mark Craft Paper

Create letter stencils by marking craft paper using a pencil along a straightedge or piece of cardboard.

Cut Stencil

Use scissors to cut out stencils along traced pencil lines of craft paper.


Trace Stencil

Trace the stencil directly to the sweater using chalk.


Cut Sweater

With scissors, cut two layers of sweater to size along the chalk line.


Fuse Top and Bottom Layers

Place iron-on adhesive along the edges of cut-out sweater pieces (Image 1), then place top and bottom pieces together. Use an iron to fuse fibers together (Image 2).

Leave Openings

Leave small openings at the top and bottom of letters to insert batting.


Add Batting

Insert batting into open holes until the letter pillow is stuffed evenly.


Close Up Ends

Close the top and bottom openings with a needle and thread using a whipstitch method (Image 1). Tip: Whenever possible, incorporate buttons, zippers and embroidery into the pillow for an extra layer of visual interest (Image 2).

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