Candle Light Fixtures

From chandeliers to sconces, these candle light fixtures will brighten up any style room.

French-Style Chandelier

This large candle chandelier sets the mood in this French dining room.

Elegant Candle Sconce

This candle sconce from Aidan Gray gives the room an elegant touch.

Contrasting Shapes

The contrast of the square candle chandelier and round dining table gives this dining room a contemporary look.
From: Erinn Valencich

Rectangular Candle Chandelier

The rectangular candle chandelier runs the entire length of this long dining room table.

Iron Candle Sconces

Iron candle sconces create a great ambiance in this Spanish colonial revival bathroom.

Serene Candle Chandelier

This candle chandelier adds to the serenity of this Asian-style room.

Round Chandelier

Every aspect of this dining room creates a traditional feel, including the round candle chandelier.
From: Troy Beasley

Differently Sized Candles

The different sizes of the candles in this candle chandelier are a great element in this bold dining room.

Accentuating Light

The light from these candle sconces accentuates the round shape of the mirror and window.

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