Accessorize Your Home for Spring

Create a fresh and open space with cheery spring accessories.
By: Chelsey Bowen

Sunshine Hues

Brighten up a space with shades of yellow and orange. Designer Erinn Valencich uses neutrals for the wall and furniture colors, so it's easy to switch out accessories and draperies throughout the year.
From: Erinn Valencich

The Layered Effect

Layer area rugs for a plush, cozy look. Plus, layering can be a great money-saving trick. Purchase the rug you love in a smaller size then choose an inexpensive neutral to act as a base. Design by RMSer LaylaPalmer.

Textural Pairings

White needn't fade into the background. Combine white accents in varying textures to create a crisp and clean vignette. Design by Erinn Valencich.
From: Erinn Valencich

Natural Elements

Add a fresh touch to any space with a display of fresh fruit or vegetables. Designer Genevieve Gorder infuses this kitchen with color by mixing in floral-printed towels and striped green window treatments.

Subtle Comfort

Get cozy with tons of pillows. Choose subdued shades of your favorite colors and lots of white to keep the look light and airy. Design by RMSer LaylaPalmer.

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