Wood Works: How to Design With Firewood

Cold weather means it's time to start prepping for a stylish fireplace display. Even firewood can be an engaging design element when handled with finesse.

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A Modern Look

Stacked firewood becomes an almost sculptural element in this dramatic combined kitchen, dining and lounge area.

Wood-n't You?

Just because something is useful doesn't mean it can't also be beautiful. This farmhouse-style wire basket is the perfect place to store birch firewood until it's used.

A Stylish Stack

Light, white and bright is the theme of this space. Logs meticulously cut and stacked give the perfect balance to the room and create a natural, organic layer to the fireplace.

Neatness Counts

Want an innovative and visually pleasing method for stacking your fire wood? Choose the right wood rack, like this one—which keeps wood dry and elevated—and it can also become an interesting part of your outdoor design.

Custom Cool

This fireplace holder was custom-forged to make the firewood a kind of art piece in this modern home.

Rustic Modern Family Room

Chic metal kindling bins in this cozy family room make for a space that is gorgeous yet practical.

Firewood Bookends

The open fireplace invites all to snuggle close on chilly evenings, and the stacked firewood on either side of the fireplace adds symmetry to the space.

Faux Logs

The cut log wallpaper in this bedroom is a playful twist on rustic style. A metal and reclaimed wood nightstand makes the perfect companion.

Wood Adds Warmth

To create an elegant fireplace surround, two slabs of book matched marble were lined up for the perfect focal point. This sleek modern home gets some warmth and an organic touch from the stacked firewood.

A Medley of Wood

A wood mantel and decorative accessories give a rustic-mod look to this fireplace. With a vignette this rustic, a perfectly stacked and symmetrical wood pile is less of a necessity.

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