Try a DIY Project

Learn how to tackle five simple projects from the 2012 June/July Issue of HGTV Magazine .
By: Jessica Dodell-Feder

Photo By: Victoria Pearson

Photo By: Annie Schlechter

Photo By: Jim Bastardo

Photo By: Jim Bastardo

Photo By: Photo by: Annie Schlechter, Styling by: Lili Diallo

Frame It

Emily Henderson's vintage flag has a bold look, but you could easily use a large piece of patterned fabric or printed burlap (from an old feed bag, for example). DIY Steps: 1. Arrange four 1" x 3" pine furring strips cut slightly smaller than the length and width of your fabric in a rectangle. 2 Screw them together with flat corner braces. 3. Lay the fabric over the wood frame, then secure it by hammering in carpet tacks or upholstery nails around the sides. If you don't want to see the tacks, stretch the fabric over the frame and use a staple gun to secure it to the back. Another option: Buy a stretched canvas from an art supply store and glue or staple your fabric over the canvas, securing it in back.

Customize It

Nail-head details add luster to this elegant upholstered chair. DIY Steps: 1. Decide which lines of your chair you want to accent, like along the edge of the frame. 2. You can either line up the nail heads (find them on so they're almost touching, or use a tape measure to space them out evenly, pushing each nail head halfway into the fabric as you go. 3. Once they're lined up, tap each one all the way into the chair with a mallet.

Hang It

Creating a gallery wall requires careful measuring. DIY Steps: 1. With a pencil and a level, draw a line across the wall where you want the bottom of the grid. 2. Use a tape measure to mark the width of each frame along that line, adding an equal amount of space between each frame. 3. Using the line as a guide, hang the bottom row with nails. 4. Holding the level vertical, mark a line up from the row below it to determine where your next row will go; repeat.

Make It

The key to this custom window covering is the right kind of map. Look for a heavy paper or vinyl pull-down version meant for classrooms, as those usually have a rolling mechanism already in place. (Search "school maps" on eBay.) DIY Steps: 1. Screw brackets made for roller shades (at hardware stores) into your window frame, then mount. 2. If your map doesn't have the rods and spring attached, use a roller shade kit (find one at

Paint It

The easiest way to replicate a stencil like the compass is to use a precut stencil. DIY Steps: 1. Lightly sand a spot on your floor with fine sandpaper to remove varnish. 2. Affix the stencil with repositionable spray adhesive or painter's tape. 3. Brush on floor paint or oil-based paint, working with one color at a time. 4. Let dry, then remove stencil. 5. Seal with polyurethane.

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