Trends in Outdoor Fabric

See how colors and textures from the Milan Furniture Fair 2013 will trickle down to outdoor design.

Photo By: Michelle Clarke of Sunbury Textiles

Photo By: Michelle Clarke of Sunbury Textiles

Photo By: Michelle Clark with Sunbury Textiles

Photo By: Michelle Clarke with Sunbury Textiles

Photo By: Michelle Clarke with Sunbury Textiles

Photo By: Michelle Clarke of Sunbury Textiles

Photo By: Michelle Clarke of Sunbury Textiles

Outdoor Living Spaces

This outdoor living space integrates with its natural surroundings thanks to furniture from luxury outdoor furniture company Brown Jordan. Representatives from the company visit the Milan Furniture Fair yearly for inspiration, to see how European trends can influence American design.

The Open Structure Look

This swing chair designed by Patricia Urquiola for outdoor use has an open structure look combining braided rope and strapping. The organic design allows for light dispersion through the large perforations creating intriguing shadow patterns and visual depth.

The Triumphant Return of Pastels

A dominant trend to emerge at the Milan Furniture Fair 2013 was the use of pastels integrated into fabrics and furniture. Look for coral, lemon, pale lavender and other sorbet-like hues to crop up in outdoor fabrics and furniture.

Color Stacking for Effect

These bistro chairs by Dedon demonstrate a new trend in color blocking using pastels, a design theme to look for in outdoor living areas.

Emerald Is In

Vitra, the Swiss design company used emerald—the Pantone color of the year—as inspiration. Expect to see vibrant emerald hues in Vitra's outdoor furniture line of deck and lounge chairs and umbrellas.

Stitching as a Design Accent

Make your outdoor living area pop with color and texture by using a combination of fabrics and stitching/embroidery to create an original look. This day glow red chair features armrests outlined by blanket stitching.

Hard Frame, Soft Texture

A dynamic blending of the hard and soft, this metal frame chair features quilted fabric and stitching to give the piece a pleasing softness.

Shades of Terra cotta

Forget terra cotta as you know it. Subtler shades of the bright, clay baked color were popping up all over the Milan Furniture Fair 2013 in softer, eye-pleasing shades that blend well in other color combinations and are particularly striking in outdoor fabric and furniture such as pillows, rugs and couches.

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