Simple Spring Centerpiece

Follow these steps for creating a centerpiece that celebrates the beauty of spring in grand style.

How to Make a Simple Spring Centerpiece

Follow these steps for creating this elegant show-stopper for your Spring special occasions.

Supplies Needed

For this project you'll need: an urn or other decorative container / small grapevine wreath / moss / spring flowers of choice / faux eggs.

Step 1

Place grapevine wreath on top of urn.

Step 2

Place potted spring plant down inside the urn.

Step 3

Add moss and faux eggs around the grapevine wreath.

Step 4

The addition of a decorative bird creates gives the grapevine wreath the look of a nest.

Place on your table and enjoy!

This would make a lovely addition to your spring brunch table setting and Easter or Mother's Day celebrations.

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