Replacing Mirror Panels With Drywall

Mirrored wall panels are replaced with fresh drywall and paint during this dining room makeover.


After: A single framed mirror is a feature of the new room decor.

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As part of a dining room makeover, Steve Watson and the Don't Sweat It crew remove track-mounted mirror wall panels and replace the mirror motif with fresh drywall and a new coat of paint.

Materials and Tools:

8' door casing (34 pcs)
baseboard (110 lin. ft.)
1x4 (16 lin. ft.)
decorative drill bit
air compressor and hoses
table saw
electric miter saw
finish nailer
screw gun
caulking gun
measuring tape
painting supplies
safety glasses



Before: The previously installed mirror-panel wall was probably intended to give the illusion of more space, but the current owners would like a more traditional look.


1. The mirror panels in this dining room were installed on a track system. Unscrew the brackets holding the mirrors in place, and carefully remove the track using a pry bar and hammer. Removal will likely cause some damage to the drywall underneath, which will need to be patched and repaired once the mirrors are removed. It's important to be particularly careful on the areas where the mirrors meet the ceiling and adjacent walls. Damage in those areas will make for additional work.

Safety Alert: Use caution when removing mirror panels or tiles to avoid unnecessary breakage and risk of injury from broken glass.

2. With the mirrors removed, if the wall was not too badly damaged from the demolition, simply make any necessary repairs or patches. If the demolition caused too much damage, you may opt to install a new section of drywall. To do so, remove the baseboard at the bottom of the wall and surrounding walls. These will need to be re-cut to compensate for the space where the mirrors were. Skim coat drywall mud across the seams, then apply tape and another coat of mud. Sand and repeat as necessary to finish the wall.

3. Prime and paint the new wall. Reattach the baseboard with a finish nailer, then caulk all seams and nail holes.

4. For this project, a framed mirror was hung on the newly refinished wall. A large framed mirror is heavy and should be stabilized with more than one anchor point. Locate studs in the wall for safest anchoring, and center the mirror accordingly.

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