Painting a Faux Area Rug

Jazz up a plain concrete or wood floor by painting a geometric pattern that looks like an area rug.

Green and White Faux Painted Rug With Large-Scale Geometric Pattern

Faux Painted Rug With Large-Scale Geometric Pattern

A faux rug is cheaper and easier to clean than a real rug and you can customize the pattern and color to match your room.


Tools and Materials:

paint roller with one large roller attachment
extension pole and one small foam roller attachment
three paint trays
painter's tape
measuring tape
straight-edge ruler
utility knife
small chip brush
two different shades of epoxy floor paint (we used low-VOC Dexcoat brand, Smooth Deck Coating, color matched to Behr 400B-5/Grape Green and 1812/Swiss Coffee)
artist medium (we used Liquitex brand matte medium)


1. With a large paint roller attached to an extension pole, apply two coats of floor paint to the entire floor and allow it to dry completely between coats.

Measuring a Large Scale Pattern for a Faux Painted Rug

Create a Large Scale Pattern for a Faux Painted Rug

2. Design and draw the desired pattern for your faux area rug on paper.

3. Re-create a larger scale pattern on the floor, using painter's tape, measuring tape, straight-edge ruler, pencil and a utility knife.


Sealing Tape and Chip Brush for Faux Painted Area Rug

Sealing Tape for Faux Painted Area Rug

4. Using a chip brush, apply the artist medium to the edge of the tape to prevent the accent paint from seeping under the tape. Let dry completely.

Painting a Topcoat for Faux Area Rug With Foam Roller

Paint a Topcoat for Faux Area Rug

5. Disassemble the extension pole from the paint roller and attach a small foam roller in place of the large roller. Apply two coats of a contrasting floor paint (we used white) to create the topcoat of the design. Allow each coat to dry completely.

6. Once all paint is dry, peel off the tape with the aid of a utility knife to reveal the pattern detail.

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